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Have you ever considered focusing on content only and ignoring SEO or search engine optimization because it did not yield as expected? There are 3 things you need to do right in  SEO. You might think you have made the right decision due to the different unsuccessful attempts to make your site rank high in search engines but put into consideration, that a great content without much exposure or visitors amounts to failure too. As an online business owner, you need to know what works and what does not, in other to be successful.


To get your business to a large percentage of your clients and to be on the top in your industry in this digital age, you have to prioritize SEO in your dealing. The rules and principles change every time, however, to manage up, you need to increase your knowledge and have a working plan. This recent statistics will help you to understand better:

  • 75% of the internet users never scroll beyond the first page of search engine results.
  • 95% of the work on internet and experiences start with search engines.
  • 80-85% internet users ignore paid ads while surfing.

Knowledge is the key, to change the results of your business. You need to know the mistakes that are mostly ignored, so as to avoid them. Some of the reasons why you are not getting the right results are:

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a collection of clickable phrases in hypertext. You can use different anchor texts in a blog post or article to direct readers or traffic to the contents on your website and additionally to relevant content on different sites.


To use anchor text correctly, you need to combine them together appropriately, like the use of long tail hyperlinks i.e. it is preferable for an optimum result to use a wide range of anchor texts or branded anchor text to be on the safer side.


In the past, keywords insertion in blog posts or articles used to be the king of a website’s success because it ranks high site contents when used. But in this age, no matter the intensity of keywords in content, if the information is not of high quality, you would not have a permanent visitors because they will just click it and leave as soon as they discover that the information is not rich. If you don’t work on that, you might lose a significant number of comeback visitors because quality content has won the throne from excess keywords. But still, keywords also play an essential role in keeping your site one step ahead of competitors site. The mistakes which most of the novices and some experts make are:

  • Targeting wrong keywords
  • Padding way too much keywords in content

Whenever you stuff keywords in an article or web page, with the aim of optimizing your web page for search engines, you are unknowingly doing the wrong thing. Search engines crawlers go through each and every content or article published on every website. Once they detect any content that uses keywords in an unregulated or improper way, it discards it, and penalize the site with regression instead of progression. Sounds unpleasant? The truth is that when you try to play the search engines, you get trapped instead!


Another important method deals with the use of links redirecting traffic to a specified web page from another website. Backlinks is important in optimizing your website’s SEO. In 2016, a survey was conducted, and the conclusion was that 92% of site owners use guest posting and content promotion as one of their primary strategy skyrocketing their web page. It further reveals that 75% of people believe that this link strategy is one of the most efficient ones in SEO-boosting strategies.


Another rookie error is to use tons of backlinks on spammy or penalized sites or site that have a domain authority less than 20. It affects your website. What you ought to do is to add 3-4 relevant backlinks of high-quality content – not just any content.

Mistakes are welcomed in human affairs but what is expected of us is to learn and correct our mistakes. Consideration of these three basic methods will save you from a lot of failures in the internet sphere and help you to provide the best SEO service to your customers.


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