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How to use Instagram

Many people tend to stay intouch with their friends and family by using the number 1 app called instagram. Today we are going to be showing you how instagram has become the most popular application on the planet.


Most celebrities are using instagram daily. The application allows them to stay intouch with everyone across the globe. So we recommend you to install this application so that you can stay intouch with family members and friends.


To begin with, you can easily install the instagram application through the app store. If you are using android, then you should go to Google play and search for instagram. For apple users, you can just go to app store and search for instagram.

Once you find the instagram app then click download and launch the application. You then proceed by filling in your personal details. Once completed you are ready to go.


Now that you have an account, you can choose people to follow. This will allow you to grow your network. Many times instagram will refer people to follow.

You can comment on people’s posts by clicking the bubble. To add an image to your instagram account, you can click the photo button at the bottom of your screen. You can also edit your photo by choosing the nicest image you prefer.


Another great feature that comes within instagram is the hashgtag feature that enables you to link your post to certain topics. A hashtag is a word or phrase proceed by the number sign. You can input a hashtag in the search to see a specific topic. For example you can use #fashion to see all the fashion posts and images being posted about fashion.




How did instagram become so popular

Instagram was launched in 2010 and since it has become so popular. It rapidly gained popularity with 1 million registered users in just two months. Many celebrities became famous by using instagram. Nowadays, Many fashion stores and famous hairdressers and make-up artists are using instagram to grow their business online. Instagram is very popular in the fashion industry.



Let’s give an example of How Courtney Tailor became famous on instagram

Courtney said she did here research and told herself that she could do that. She started posting daily and she increased the number of her followers. She posted her gallery photos and staring gaining thousands of followers. She then started working for a magazine and that just enlightened her career. Here’s another video that talks about how to use the explore page.


Here a video of Courtney telling you everything about how she became famous on instagram. She claims that Los Angeles is just a place to be if your decent looking, you’ll get 5000 or 10000 followers in no time.

How to get followers on instagram

Instagram growth is very essential. Explore growth is the place you grow your followers. Instagram explore page helps you to get follwers by getting likes and followers. So this means you need engagement. Explore page is the place where you get people to engage with your posts. So start using this page immediately.

Another way to increase your instagram followers is to use an agency that has experts in handling instagram followers. We recommend GramGrowing to grow your instagram followers organically.

How to Grow Instagram Followers

Everyone wants to know how to grow instagram followers organically and this is what we are going to reveal. The first thing is to get followers that are going to engage with your posts. Hastags secret works very well. So you must hashtag your images and you are allowed to use 30 hashtags with your images.


The hashtags that you should use are hashtags that have 500.000 followers. There is an application available that is called focal mark. The great feature available in this app is that you can select the type of image you are posting and it will generate hashtags for your images.

The instagram algorithm loves when you post a post it’s gets as many likes and likes in a very short time. Another top tip is to geo tag your images.


Engagement in Instagram

Talk to the people as if they are real people in front of you. These people are real people and they are always waiting for your comments. Your comments will be answered if they are attractive enough and mean something to them.

Feed Aesthetic

People love to see images if they relate in one specific niche. So if you want to post fashion pictures, try posting only images about fashion in your feed. People love to see these types of images. Try using one shape so that your feed looks very organized and aesthetic.

Cross Promotion

It is very important to merge your followers into all the social media platforms. It is very essential that you get all your followers see all your published content in all the other platforms. This will allow you to make all the content go viral.

grow instagram followers

Follow accounts that are related to yours

Once you start following people in your niche you will get lumped with other creators. This will allow others to suggest you to their followers. I guarantee you that your account will grow rapidly.

Reply to comments so that you can generate engagement. This is very critical to the instagram algorithm.



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