International SEO Consultant the best International SEO expertise

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International SEO Consultant the best International SEO expertise

Being an International SEO consultant means you must be able to translate a website into multi-languages which will allow users to view the website in their mother language. Google has it’s own specific algorithm version for its’ specific country. Translating a website in a different language doubles the potential of a business.

So if you rank in a country based on the spoken language in that country you will increase traffic, revenue, leads and an increased sales. International Search engine optimization is not just how do i target different countries but how am i going to target the visitors in the most effective way.

There are a few things that you must take into account before you translate a website into a different language because you need a staff that will handle the written content within the site. International SEO consultants must be able to notify you with the process of translating your website into different languages.

How to be an Effective International SEO Consultant

The most important part is, are you going to be country specific with your domain.
A country specific domain is a domain that belongs to the country. Like in Hong Kong we use or .hk and in the USA, companies use .us or .com. All these country specific domains are very helpful and google considers this as a local business and it’s the best option. Let us just give your an example, In the USA, people give more credibility to a .com domain and in Canada, people look for a domain that ends with a .ca. Make sure you do a bit of research before you jump in.

Providing the best International SEO consultancy

let us show you how to provide google with content that is specific to it’s relevant language. So, if you are making pages in different languages. You must use href links to clarify that this page is in English and is using “en” telling the bots that this page matches a specific page in English. Google might not rank the other pages if they don’t have different content within the pages. Keep in mind that en stands for english sp stands for spanish. These are called language codes or abbreviations.



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