How to Merge Instagram and Email Marketing for Better Leads

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How to Merge Instagram and Email Marketing for Better Leads?

To reap the most out of your Instagram business account, one of the best steps you can take is to integrate email marketing with Instagram. If you are reading about this concept for the first time, then here you are going to discover some of the amazing ways to do this integration. Instagram is all about photo sharing, and email marketing is all about marketing your product through emails. And these day people are using Instagram for their business promotion and online marketing as a new social media platform which is dedicated to image marketing. Then how are you going to combine the textual matter of email with the pictorial matter of Instagram? Well, that is the interesting aspect of this fused marketing.

Instagram and email marketing can have a two-way traffic connection. While integrating Instagram into an email can give the email a social media boost, on the other hand integrating email subscription links into Instagram can lead the users to become your newsletter and promotional mail subscribers. It may seem tricky to you unless you know how simple it is to integrate them.

How to Merge Instagram

How to integrate Instagram into email?

If you are running a business, and have an active email marketing team, then you must have people at the backend to play with codes. You will have to use their talent here to embed some codes in the email body so that you can show your Instagram link on the email. It’s ageneral tendency of social media lovers and especially image lovers to surf through image-related links like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a sheer tendency and instinct. And if your reader is an Insta-fan, then you will get one click on that Instagram link in many cases. That is why the clickable link directing to your Instagram business account must be appealing, well visible, and attractive to get a click.

To increase the chances of getting clicks on the link, you may embed text messages in a graphical way on them which shows promotional offers, discounts, coupon codes, freebies, etc. These look tempting, and many of the time get your visitors to the business profile of yours in the social media.

While you are arranging to send visitors from the email to the Instagram profile, you must also arrange to make the Instagram account look appealing, else the visitors reaching your page will not stick around and surf. For this to happen, you must dedicate enough time on marketing on Instagram alone, and you also must keep your profile page on the account totally updated. Updationmeans posting of latest events; business news related pictures, happenings, promotional pictures, and such things, which relates your visitors to the company, brand, products, the team, and services.

The visitor coming to your Instagram page must be there for some time and should feel inclined to follow you. Then only the effort given behind embedding the social media link on your email newsletter gets fruitful, and the target is fulfilled. Once you are successful in creating an Instagram follower like this, you are a step ahead in promotion and branding.

How to integrate email sign up link inside Instagram?

Now, the other way round, where you integrate an email sign up link inside Instagram is described here. The email sign up link is embedded in the bio section of your Instagram profile. There you can embed the link and try to send targeted visitors to click on the link.

Creating an email signup link takes just a few minutes on a sign-up form creation website. There are many such famous services like MailChimp, where you can create a form for free. Once you have created one such form and linked that to the email of yours, you may then embed a link to that form in the URL box in your profile bio section.

As this is done, you are ready to invite in users and followers to this page. It’s not that challenging a task to bring users to that page. You will have to spice up things by titillating the senses of users through offers, discounts, coupon codes, freebies, promotional things, etc. when you declare a gift or incentive; users automatically flock to the link. Everyone loves gifts and freebies!

However, to make it successful, you must note down user behavior too. If your target users are after one kind of discount, and you are offering a completely different thing, then you may not create that sensation and appeal them to click on the email subscription form. Your visitors must fill and submit the email subscription form to generate leads for you. And when you get enough leads, you can start sending them marketing emails.

There are services to increase your Instagram followers in a short time, and that too naturally, so that your fusion marketing scheme gets more visitors and you generate more leads.

How does the two-way traffic system start?

The two-way traffic system works then pretty smoothly. While you send Instagram followers to email subscription pages to subscribe and get leads, you also get email readers to come to your Instagram account and start following you. In this way, text readers start finding out more about you through pictures and videos. And the opposite happens when picture lovers who get interested in you come to find out more through promotional emails and newsletters.


Social media and email marketing when fused together can create wonders. You can generate more leads, develop more fan following, and create more public awareness. Connecting one form of marketing with another creates a better network of followers, who can become customers in the future. And this is how one form of marketing supports another and creates your strong online presence.

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