OpenCart Cloud Launch

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OpenCart Cloud Launch

In the last few years to this time, there has been an improvement in the hosting services as cloud hosting started making wave as a new and modern hosting environment. For website and business owners, it has been a case of making decisions on whether to move to the next big thing or remain. As the features of the new hosting platform gets more popular and famous, big businesses of the world started adopting the cloud hosting services and launching their websites on it.



Big businesses I say, yes. The cost of a cloud hosting services is on the high side and it is only the big goons that could afford it. As time draws by, more cloud hosting services came on board and the demand and supply theory made the price lesser at least for the medium scale businesses. Who would not take the chances and launch his or her business on the cloud hosting that ensures much confidence against website breaking down? Definitely no one.

OpenCart is an online based marketing store to display products. The platform is one of the online web platform that allows manufacturers and business owners the chance and opportunity to have a place to transact business by selling products, having a payment gateway and even a shipping method to get products bought well shipped to the destination. An OpenCart website also need to be online all the time for good access from prospective buyers.

The great features offered by the cloud hosting platform for OpenCart is good enough to compel any OpenCart store owner to think of moving on to the next level. With a lot of benefits and merits locked into the cloud hosting, it of good decision for anyone to think of launching his OpenCart store on the cloud. However, the cloud hosting service to use is also a thing of great importance. It should be noted that not all cloud hosting service provider can deliver good service and so, you must know what to look out while choosing a cloud hosting service provider. Below, I will discuss the qualities of a good cloud hosting services that will help launch your OpenCart store to the clouds.

                        Qualities of a Good Cloud Hosting Service

  1. Reliability
    Business of OpenCart store is so serious that the website must be up and running at every moment in time. For this reason you need a cloud hosting service provide that is reliable and serious with business. A single breakdown of a website might cost so much damage and revenue drop. Be sure and reassured that the cloud hosting service you are launching your OpenCart store on is reliable and dependable.
  2. Security
    Security is one of the cogent and most famous criticism the cloud hosting option received is poor security. While you have your files and information in the clouds, they are prone to being compromised or hacked into. However, a cloud hosting service provider could lower and prevent this carnage by providing necessary security safeguards in place to ascertain secured data. OpenCart owners must however take this serious and look for cloud hosting service provider with a proven competence in security of cloud data. Your cloud hosting service provider must have built in full encryption in-transit and at-rest for content. Centralized security policies to manage remote or local devices are also paramount.
  3. Quality of Service
    As delivering and offering just any service is not so good for most business, the same way it is for anyone to be sure of the quality of service of the cloud hosting service provider you are delegating your OpenCart launching to. Check and look for service provider with the best service technology, bandwidth connectivity, networking tools and equipment. The better their offers, the better their quality of service in terms of managing and control of your cloud hosting.
  4. Support
    Support is often a key and very important aspect to consider while evaluating a services in any context of it. In providing cloud hosting service also, support remains a good and notable indicator to detect good service providers. Your cloud hosting service provider must be accessible 24/7 to help through calls or real time live chat to fix and help resolve any problem.
  5. Scalability
    An advantage that cloud hosting has over the Web hosting is the ability to scale up the required size to accommodate your website expansion. Good Cloud hosting service providers must be ready to provide enough data from data centers around the globe to make your website have enough room for expansion. You must be sure your service provider will not short-change you as it concerns data scalability.


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