Opencart Search Engine Optimization

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Opencart Search Engine Optimization

The Opencart is an online platform to create a store for ecommerce and selling of various products and services. It is known by all that all types of websites need to be optimizes and ranked high by search engine optimization techniques and methods for it to be in touch with the needed audience through search organic traffic. Organic traffic from search engines through searches made by users around the globe is known to convert well than other traffic source. It is therefore very important to make the website visible and optimized on the search engines for adequate reach of willing buyers making searches. The keyword is a very useful component of SEO and its use cuts across the Title tags, Meta description, Header tags, Website URLs and even page content. As discussed well in the first article, keywords need to be well researched and used effectively to acquire expected results. There are other necessary components to rank website and especially an online store for increased sales and revenue boost and in this article, I would discuss them and how best you can leverage on such component to place your online store in front of targeted audience that are willing to buy your product or services. Below are some basic and useful information about steps to rank your website.


  1. Include Category Pages in Main Navigation

 It is very important to link category pages with main navigation. Most ecommerce website have that done but it gets tricky for larger websites with lots of categories and sub-categories. The addition of the subcategories to the main navigation will increase the number of internal links to these pages and result in better rankings.

  1. Link to Related Products

 Based on the fact that some ecommerce websites have lots of products numbering up to about thousands, it is very difficult to have them all indexed and ranked by search engine through crawling on all. However, you can make them visible to search engines by linking them to related product page. Kindly find a directory to do this on your ecommerce website.

  1. Most important Product on Homepage

 The homepage of websites have the highest authority and relevance in SEO perspective. It is very effective to add the most important products on the homepage with links to their specific pages added to allow in flow of traffic from the homepage. The tagging of ‘Best SELLER’ and any other phrase on the homepage of your ecommerce store is useful.

  1. Links from Related Articles

 It is not out of place to have a blog containing articles that are related to what you sell on your ecommerce websites. Contents on the blog, should however have a link to products on the ecommerce. It is a great way to increase ranking and boost sales. Contents on the blog can be a review of products you sell. Always avoid duplicating contents because it affect your search engine result page ranking negatively.

  1. Clean Theme

Making use of a clean theme on your ecommerce website is a way to also help your ranking due to the fact that clean themes are valid XHTML code, and has a CSS stylesheet that is easy to modify.

After I have worked in the SEO field for a while, I found that using a XHTML valid theme is so crucial for getting high ranking on search engines. The theme will aid the crawling of your website by search engines to get your website data, so your site will be index faster, and rank higher.

  1. Social Networking

Search engines like Google appreciate the links that are shared on the social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. That’s why when the link is being sent to the social networks, it would be indexed immediately and has an opportunity to get TOP ranking in search engines.

It’s easy to create your business profile on Social Networking sites and start build community, then share your store information.

  1. Create a Robot.txt File

 Search engine crawlers usually look for special file on your website to index it faster. The file known as Robot.txt will indicate the search engine spider which pages of your OpenCart should be indexed and which pages should be ignored. For this reason, you should have a robots.txt file for your OpenCart or ecommerce website.


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