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Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of procedural processes which is geared towards making the best from website through optimizing and ranking it for better reach and engagement. A website with adequate reach and traffic from targeted audience and internet users gets to increase in sales and services rendered. Websites are for various purposes. A website may be an online store to sell products, it may be a forum to share ideas, a place to offer digital services and lots more. All of the above types need to engage and come in contact with targeted organic traffic of people that crave for them in other to be productive. With SEO, that can be done and done well. SEO will make your website stand atop of others on the search engine to be viewed by thousands of internet users searching for what your website offers. In this article, I will discuss to details, how to specifically optimize an opencart store or any other online store where you sell products. I will discuss how best you can research keyword to make your website get the traffic from willing buyers of high conversion rate. Keywords research and selection is a useful step in SEO but it is different slightly as regards the website we are ranking. I will discuss how you will use the knowledge of keyword research in optimizing your webpage for good ranking from search engines like Google and Bings.

                                                    Keyword research and selection

SEO is based on how to get the best for your website through traffic that comes from the search conducted on search engines. This simply implies that we need to be knowledgeable about what lots of internet users type into the search bar to expect a good result. To have your website well optimized and ranked, you need to research and know the keyword people use to search for a particular product they intend buying. A simple keyword research is to imagine yourself looking for a website to buy a particular product from. Think of the possible keyword you would type on the search bar to get a good result that is direct to your yearning. That is a simple way to research keyword for optimization. However, there is another method which is better and so accurate in harvesting a lot of useful keywords. Google has a free tool called Keyword Planner which gives information about the number of times keywords are used monthly on Google. This data include geographical locations of people searching and it presents a great opportunity for accurate keyword research for ranking your online store. Simply note the keywords that are relevant to products you sell on your online store. You can download the Microsoft Excel file and analyze it better. For instance, if you sell clothes for both male and female, you may find keywords like “Fabrics”, “Clothes”, “quality clothes” “cheap clothes”, “ Affordable Clothes” and so on. Take note of the number of times the keywords were used for searches and use them to rank your online store. Kindly neglect keywords that does not describe what you offer. If you do not sell “USED CLOTHES” never include it because it has good number of use as keyword. You can access the Keyword Planner here .

It is not however not enough to research keywords but the keywords must be used to optimized the website to drive traffic from searches made on search engine and generate good sales and revenue. There are lots of steps to take in doing this. Steps include Webpage URLs, Title Tag, Meta Description, Header Tag and Page Content.

  1. Website URLs

 For good optimization, it is important to add the main keyword in the website URL. For people using the Opencart, it is easy to add the keyword as URL. Never use too much keywords because it impacts negatively on your ranking. Choose a main keyword and input it as your online store website URL. Follow the direction below to do that easily on your Opencart store

Category Pages: Admin Home -> Catalog -> Categories -> (Category to Optimize) ->  Data -> “SEO Keyword” Field

Product Pages: Admin Home -> Catalog -> Products -> (Product to Optimize) -> Data -> “SEO Keyword” Field

  1. Title Tags

 Title tags are crucial as it present one of the best opportunity to use keywords. Well researched keywords placed as title tag drive more recognition from search engines than any other elements within the webpage. Use the keyword as title tags with serious attention paid to the following;


           Keyword Usage – Typically it’s best to use your most important keywords in the beginning of the title tag. Search engines place lots of relevance on keywords at the start of a title tag which can have a better impact on the rankings.

Length – Ensure you keep the title tag limit at 70 characters or less since anything longer will get cut from the rest on the search engine results page.

Branding – It’s generally a good idea to include your website name at the end of the title tag for additional brand exposure. For example, if your store name is Techmart, it would be nice to put title tag this way, Laptops and Notebooks – Techmart. By doing so, you are gradually creating a brand name that help as off-page SEO technique.

  1. Meta Description

 This is the black colored text that is below the search engine directory of each website that is displayed as a result. It has 156 character limit and it has no impact on website ranking from search engines like the title tags. Meta description can however be beneficial to the search engine traffic source and increased click-through rates if it well used. Include the keywords and your service descriptions like “free shipping,” “excellent customer service,” “huge selection, “lowest prices,” etc. This will drive a lot of willing buyers to your website. Also include Call-To-Action phrases like “Click now to learn more,” “Shop with us today”. With all these you would have made the best use of your Meta Description to affect positively, your sale and revenue.


  1. Header Tags


Head tags are very paramount in the business of ranking and optimizing websites. It is usually the Page name which is visible on the webpage. It is therefore very important to use important keywords as header tag or H1 tags. Rather than trying to stuff in and cluster the header tag with lots of keywords, it is advisable to use main and most important keywords and done in simple way. For people using the Opencart store, you can edit your Header tags following the description below;

Category Pages: Admin Home -> Catalog -> Categories -> (Category to Optimize) -> General -> “Category Name” Field


Product Pages: Admin Home -> Catalog -> Products -> (Product to Optimize) -> General -> “Product Name” Field


  1. Page Content


This is a very important aspect of optimizing websites and it provides a better platform to include keywords that are so important for website ranking. The content must be one that has ideas flowing with important keywords well inserted and stuffed up uselessly. It is advisable to use minimum number of words of maybe 150-200 words article and content and not use larger number of words for content on all pages of the website. The content must be very unique and of high quality so as to give maximum effect on website ranking.










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