Opencart vs Opencart cloud

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Opencart vs Opencart cloud

In this article we are going to describe the difference between Opencart vs Opencart cloud version. Opencart is an ecommerce website that serves and represents an online shop for the display of products to sell to buyers all over the globe. The basic thing about the opencart is that it is a website like any other website. A website has important components that makes it visible and placed on the internet.


The hosting server or servers are very crucial to the continued existence of a website on the cyber space and so must be not be down or declined. In the quest for better secured and more accessible hosting services in accordance with the technological advancement that has continued to influence every aspect of human life. After the use of dedicated servers which comes as a better web hosting for websites than the shared hosting services, another very powerful and potent alternative is currently taking over the place as it offers better and exciting features.

It is the Cloud Web Hosting services. Websites now have the opportunity to use the cloud hosting service by easily moving their hosting and launching the cloud alternative for their websites. Opencart is not however left out of this as any Opencart website user can decide to switch over to the cloud hosting alternative. Opencart websites can be of different web hosting because some opencart website can be hosted on the shared web host while some other opencart can have theirs on the cloud hosting.

An opencart ecommerce hosted on a shared or dedicated hosting server is known as Opencart while the opencart ecommerce website hosted on the cloud servers is the Opencart Cloud. In the course of this website, we shall consider both by discussing them to map out the benefits and the better one for an ecommerce store to make good sales and in extension, revenue. The Opencart website and any other websites have their contents and applications on the hosting servers whether it is on a web host or cloud host.

Web Hosting or traditional Hosting

Web or traditional hosting is of two types which are; Shared and Dedicated Hosting. The Opencart ecommerce website is basically hosted by any of the two types of web hosting. Shared web hosting involves the payment or subscription for a set of space (storage) on a single server, and that server’s resources are shared by a number of other websites.

It’s a cost-efficient, low-maintenance way to host a website or application, and the hosting company is responsible for managing, maintaining, and updating the units. This type of web hosting is popular and common among small and medium sized business that intend to have a website. The dedicated web hosting is an improvement over the shared as it involves payment or subscription for the complete or total resources of one or more servers from a web hosting service provider. It offers a set amount of dedicated bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and drive space, and the client has full control over the server’s resources. The total resource control got from the dedicated web hosting makes it better than the shared web hosting. The Opencart ecommerce website is hosted on any of the two web hosting. The merits and demerits of the web hosting services has an effect on the Opencart ecommerce websites and that makes it pertinent to discuss the Merits and Demerits of the Web hosting, either the shared or dedicated.

Merits of Web Hosting

  1. Shared web hosting provides and offers good platform for inexperienced website owners who know little or nothing about web servers and its technicalities.
  2. Shared web hosting is cheap for small and medium businesses and accommodates other websites on same servers.
  3. For both shared and dedicated web hosting, clients pay for a set amount of storage and processing power and so you can easily predict your traffic volume.
  4. Dedicated web hosting offers freedom over the server resources and website contents and applications anytime.


All these merits can be benefited for the Opencart ecommerce website that is hosted on any of the shared or dedicated hosting servers.


Demerits of Web Hosting

  1. Shared web hosting can decrease performance when there is a security issue or surge in traffic on one of the websites using the shared server. This is bad for any ecommerce website like Opencart because you need your website online every time.
  2. There is possible constraint for opencart stores on either shared or dedicated servers when traffic increases over a product and it surpasses the amount of set amount paid or subscribed for.
  3. Web hosting may cause you to pay for additional server space that is not useful in case of drop in traffic on your server. Business is based on costs and profits made so it is bad to spend on frivolities.
  4. Web hosting requires the cumbersome monitor, install, upgrade and configure programs, add sites deal with potential hacks, and troubleshoot systems.
  5. Need for the business to have an employee (maybe more than one employee) to have the necessary system administration skills in order to achieve successful implementation of a website that is hosted on a dedicated web server. Employing anyone brings about cost for wages.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become extremely popular over the past few years. The main concept of cloud hosting is to divide the resources required by the website for maintenance into different servers on a per need basis. In cloud hosting, each server in the cloud helps in carrying out a particular set of tasks, and in case of failure of any of the servers in the cloud, other server(s) temporarily kick-in as a back-up to render the required resources. Cloud hosting offers a particular level of scalability that web hosting cannot. Cloud hosting services provide virtual space on an on-demand, as-needed basis. Instead of paying for a set amount of space upfront on a single server, the user pays as they go for what they actually use. Cloud hosting provides security against breakdown of a website and loss of website information because it uses multiple servers which can make up for themselves in case of any abnormalities. Problems with one website or application are unlikely to affect your bandwidth or performance.

Over the past few years, businesses have been moving their websites for ecommerce and online stores such as opencart to the cloud hosting while it is still expensive, small businesses can access the cloud hosting services when prices come down further. As a new and innovation, it comes with lots of benefit and has been predicted to set the pace of future website hosting.


Merits of Cloud Hosting
  1. Pay as you use: Cloud hosting offers you payment for anything you use. You never have to pay for whatever server you do not use and it also gives good hosting packages when your business requires it. This allows you maximize profit on your opencart store.
  2. Choice of OS: There is the freedom to use any operating system that suits you. Be it Linux or Windows, you are well covered.
  3. Flexibility: Complete server configuration controls via an API or web-based interface.
  4. Web Content and Application Security: In our present world, if there is any hosting services that has the best security against loss of website content, applications and other necessary web software, it is the cloud hosting. All needed contents are stored in the cloud space and are safe in there.
  5. No Website Breakdown: Websites can breakdown and go on downtime even without the owners giving room for intentional website upgrade. This breakdown are results of web hosting servers of such websites. For websites or ecommerce like the opencart cloud tore hosted on the cloud hosting, you never experience such because other servers promptly rescue the website from breakdown when a server is down.
  6. Speed and Performance: With the cloud hosting for websites and opencart cloud, it is for good performance and speed. The dedicated servers of web hosting is fast but computer might slow down speed and performance because of one running program or the other.
  7. Get the Best of Both Worlds: You can enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting, but don’t need to bear the heavy cost of dedicated hosting, if you don’t have extensive requirements.


 Demerits of Cloud Hosting

  1. High Cost: The cost of the cloud hosting is expensive and beyond the budget of small business owners.
  2. Hacking: Some website owners have allayed fears of possibility of hacking website contents and applications from the cloud by hackers. This may be a very serious concern.


For anyone looking to move his opencart website to a cloud hosting to become opencart cloud, it is very important to read the above analysis and be informed about how cloud hosting works. Cloud hosting comes with good and exciting features that helps the ecommerce world a lot but decision still boils down to the choice of each person if to remain as opencart store or opencart cloud.

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