Practical applications on how to search engine optimiseyour website

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Here are a few Practical applications on how to search engine optimise your website

If you are a beginner to the entire concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the first thing you should note is there is no magic involved in getting the top spot in search results. Internet users are varied, andso are the top search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Most of these search engines operate on complex coding and algorithms, andnaturally,it takes a lot of effort in convincing them of the deservedness of your campaign page on the top spot.

The internet is floodedwith content compiling most of the major tips and pointers on theoretical SEO practices. But applying them in the real world is a completely different ball game altogether. Indeed, SEO strategising can be a daunting task, but there are certain basic principles at work here. All you need to do is optimise your website enough to send the correct signals to the search engine bots whose sole aim is to scrutiniseyour site. Don’t be a confused website owner and don’t give up! The results you expect are within your reach. Read on for a more practical approach to SEO.

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Title and description

Page titles are the first on the list for SEO. Your page needs to have a unique title which should precisely describe the content. The title is for aiding the user in understanding what’s about your website that makes it bespoke. A brief and descriptive title is thus highly essential. The brief information should pertain to the locationof the business and offers.

A “meta” tag page description is also important. You may or may not choose to use it as a part of the page’s content. The size should be maintained within 140-150 characters and avoid repeating the title. Properly advertise your campaign so that the reader clicks on the link to visit the page.

Permanent link

The URL format or the permanent link should be configured properly. The permanent link is usually displayed in the browser address bar. It is essential that you design the URL in a simplistic and search engine friendly way. Use hyphens to separate words and avoid lengthy URLs with unnecessary information. Use the information of the specific page while designing the URL and avoid stuffing keywords just for the sake of it.


This is a method of having a set of links on all the internal pages of the site that aids navigation for the user. WordPress and other popular users will find a ton of free plug-ins to create breadcrumbs.

Internal links

Links within the website that will redirect to another page from the same website are the internal links as opposed to the usual external links. Internal links are extremely helpful to increase audience retention for your site. Good audience retention, in turn, is beneficial for your campaign.

Internal links work well when two or more articles are linked together by a keyword anchor text or the article title.  Making sure that the links are useful for both the search engines as well as user navigation is the next step. Keep the number of internal links low and avoid using common terms including “click here.” Linking the latest posts to one form a week back is a good idea.

Text formatting

The use of H1, H2 and H3 has become industry standard when it comes to text formatting. H1 is used for title tags, H2 for main headings and subcategories. Use of bold and italics font are also encouraged. Publishing the content is small paragraphs and an easy to read font size is usually good for the user experience. More importantly,this use of uniform standard formatting should be a given a lot of thought as users are not only on computers and laptops but also handheld devices with a plethora of diverse resolution and screen size!

Configure your 404 page

SEO is all about improving the user experience. The 404 page is a part of the package. The 404 page is displayed when a page requested by the user doesn’t exist, or the URL has been mistyped. A configured 404-page displays information and not a “page not found” information. You should keep in mind to design it consistently with the rest of the site and should give users the option to navigate to other pages of the site.

Image optimization

A study performed recently has shown that content containing information through relevant imaging gets around 95% more views than one without images. That is an astounding statistic. What’s more? This boost is not specific and works across topics and categories. Image optimisationincludes size correction to load the site faster, avoiding general file names and maintaining a dedicated folder for all images for your site in system tools.


The speed of the loading of a page is very important to users these days. The fast website makes for great user experience, and a sharp drop in traffic is seen if the load time of a page increases by merely 4 seconds! You must remove redundant plug-ins and JavaScript from your web page and optimize the size of the images. Physically test about the duration of page loading at various locations and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Additionally, you can invest in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to improve load times and analyse performance recommendations. 

Invest in a sitemap

The sitemap usually lists all the pages/posts on your site. The XML sitemap is what you submit at Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines and HTML sitemap aids the consumers for finding content the easy way. The link to the HTML sitemap is generally placed in the main menu of the title page.


Well, not for nothing do experts swear by the saying “content is the king.” Good content should be informative and concise. It is a matter of quality over quantity. Quick analytics check to obtain results for audience retention is a sure marker for content quality. The content should be specific to what the title says and it should be typos and grammatical error free. Formatting the text, link backs both external and internal along with references of established research studies if required should be put in.

Do not destroy your efforts trying to follow the wrong promotional techniques. Achieve success with good quality SEO and allow the site to run on its full potential.






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