Promoting Your Website To China Region Via Search Engines?

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Promoting Your Website To China Region Via Search Engines?

Most companies already have a website. However, a key mistake made by business owners when building a website is to think that it is enough to have just one website. A website can be a versatile tool for your business if you put in a lot of effort and time. In addition to searching for an appropriate website and a company specializing in website maintenance services, there are other ways in which companies can optimize their websites and expand their business. You as a business owner should know all this.

SEO or search engine optimization is one thing. Most business owners may wonder why they should invest in SEO when many experts have for a long said it’s irrelevant. Good.

Here are some reasons why you should believe otherwise.

First, it really works. Although the death of SEO has been predicted many times in the past, it is still alive and relevant. And if you look at the signs, it will probably stay that way. While changes in search engines have made some SEO techniques irrelevant or even harmful, companies that provide quality SEO services still achieve exceptional results for their clients through techniques known to produce good results. SEO will continue to be relevant for a long time to come as it continues to evolve. Techniques and strategies may change over time, but the goal of making a business visible online will never change.

Second, it gives more value to the money you invest. Compared to other online marketing platforms, SEO offers a high return on investment. if done correctly, SEO can boost traffic and even positively influence the generation of sales opportunities and conversions.

The purchase process has changed significantly with the introduction of the Internet. For most consumers, the purchase process begins online when they look for products and services that meet their needs. And as a business owner, you want your business to be at the forefront, visible to potential customers who are actively looking for your company’s offers.

Many, if not all, large and small businesses are already doing SEO. Imitating your competitors is not a good commercial strategy. But if there is an exception to this rule, it would be SEO. Whether or not you understand the value of SEO, your competitors are already investing in it. And if you do not participate, your competitors can easily get in touch with potential customers, even if it offers better products or services.


Internet value

According to the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC), the number of Internet users in China exceeds 731 million in 2.

More than half of Chinese Internet users were under 25 years old. Of this total, 75% are students, 12% are professionals and 40% are companies and services.

People use the Internet mainly for email, read news and search information through search engines. According to statista, the average monthly spending on online shopping in China from 2007 to 2010 and a forecast until 2013. In 2007, the average monthly spending on online shopping in China amounted to 182.6 yuan.and will amount to 30 billion yuan in 2007. It can be expected that growth will double in the following years.

With the above numbers, entrepreneurs must understand the value of using the Internet to explore the Chinese market. Search engine marketing should be the most cost-effective way to reach Chinese Internet users.

China Region

In fact, the China region does not only refer to mainland China. You may also be aware of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Interestingly, the Chinese in these three different fields have very different cultures because of their historical origins. Even on the continent, people from different provinces speak totally different accents of Chinese languages ​​and also differ in their practices of daily life. For example, people in GuangDong and Hong Kong generally speak Cantonese. They speak Mandarin only when they interact with people from other provinces. In addition, people from mainland China and Taiwan are generally not very good at English. However, in Hong Kong, many people speak and read English well. Therefore, you must take into account the differences to write effective copies of websites to meet the different readers of the China region.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing generally have higher spending power.

Search engines in China

The main search engines in China include Baidu, Google, Sina and Yahoo. According to a CNNIC study, Baidu owns 51.5% of the market, Google 32.9%, Sina 4% and Yahoo 3.7%. Just based on the previous numbers, you may think that it should be more appropriate to spend most of your efforts on Baidu and Google, right? The answer is “Yes or no, it depends!” Why?

This is because the region of China is large and has complicated cultural differences. It is difficult for you to target the entire region of China unless you have millions of budget. If it is a small or medium-sized company, decide on your target region and focus first on it. For example, if you choose Hong Kong as the target market, I can tell you that Yahoo Hong Kong is the most used search engine and that hardly anyone uses Baidu in Hong Kong.


Another point worth mentioning is that Google is considered the best search engine in China and the rating means a very likely translation of its future growth in market share, according to a study by Keynote Systems.

Paid search engine marketing

The popularity in paid search engine marketing (pay per click) in China is increasing. Baidu, Yahoo and Google have their own programs. To be successful in a complicated region, search engines rely primarily on agents to sell their pay-per-click marketing. Pay per click is a new concept in China, and people think it’s too complicated. As a result, agents generally sell paid search engine marketing by monthly rate under different plans. It’s a little different with the western world.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a completely new concept in China, but the acceptance of this concept is increasing. Currently, there are many black hat spammers and white hat optimizers in the country. In China, people in general optimize only for Google and Yahoo, and use paid search engine marketing for Baidu.

The process of strengthening ties in the China region is somewhat different with the Western world. Link exchange is rare in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is much more popular on the continent. However, the link format is quite different. First, high-quality links are usually obtained from personal / commercial relationships. Secondly, the reciprocal link format in the Western world is usually composed of a title with hyperlink and site description, but in mainland China it is only composed of title with hypertext link. Looks like a link farm? However, this is a common practice in China. Therefore, obtaining meaningful links in the China region is not an easy task.

Key factors in Chinese Search Engine Marketing

Many people make a common mistake. Their websites do not have a Chinese version, but they want to promote their website in mainland China and Taiwan. English can be your mother tongue, but it is not a native language for Chinese. To be successful, you must have a Chinese version. Also, keep in mind that traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, while simplified Chinese is used in mainland China. Sometimes, the formulations used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China are also different from each other.

If you are serious about selling Chinese products online but are not familiar with their languages ​​and cultures, you’d better use an internet marketing company located in the China region to help you.



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