SEO in General

The first question we generally get from all the clients that ring us. Can I get ranked on the first page of Google search engine? We know that it is not that easy to get found on the first page of Google search engine if work is not done on your site.

Many clients tend to rank on the first page of the search engine on keywords like "plumber", "shoe shop", "hairdresser". These keywords are short-tailed keywords and it is nearly impossible to rank for these types of keywords.


SEO is mainly getting your website found on google search engine. You should learn how to think about how the search algorithms work. No one can guarantee you the first listing in the search engine. SEO is a long-term job that required daily work.


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The benefits of SEO is to be listed in the golden triangle. This means that you must be listed in the #1st three listing on the first page. This guarantees you, that you gain a lot of organic traffic to your site. There are three types of SEO techniques. White hat SEO, Grey hat SEO, and Black hat SEO. White hat is organic work that required a lot of work on the website and externally.

Grey Hat SEO  is a mixture of white hat and black hat. The worst type of SEO is the black hat SEO. This is a technique that tries to trick Google algorithms. This leads to a penalized site that would be un-indexed and not found in the search engine anymore.

The way Google ranks web pages is by comparing different websites. These methods allow the algorithms to index sites and place them in the correct position. It has a lot of pages that it knows about. There are over 200 different factors that Google takes in the account to rank a page.


What is SEO and how does it work?

Google search engine is a crawler that crawls websites using an algorithm. Google has a very powerful free search engine. It also sells services which are called Adsense. Adsense uses advertisements and posts them in the search ad results and across many websites.

Search algorithm keeps changing on weekly basis and monthly basis. There are people who try to create content and publishing duplicate content. These people's sites will be penalized by Google and their sites will be banned. White hat SEO is all about going by the rules and creating amazing user's experience and engagement.

We know there are two types of SEO and these are defined as On-page SEO and Off-page SEO and this must be continued conduct of pages update. We must create better content and the use of the right keywords. While Off-page SEO is focused more on backlinks and social media marketing including user experience on the social media sites.