SEO for eCommerce websites

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SEO for eCommerce websites

eCommerce site owners are now calling their webmaster’s that look after their sites and realizing that their sites have been dropping in rank. Google is now reading all the content in the site by using algorithms that they’ve applied. Many eCommerce sites are copying 1 to 1 content from their manufacturer’s sites. SEO for eCommerce websites is a very essential fact in ranking a website and getting it listed in the first page of any search engine.

The Good News

SEO webmasters that know SEO by heart determine what type of content should be written for each product description. Doing the ethical thing is very important when you are working on the content of each products or service page. Duplicate content will be demoted and only the most relevant content will be indexed. Google is potentially filtering duplicate content and it is very important to necessary have clean unique descriptions.

What’s the solution for eCommerce website owners?

SEO HERO has the right individuals that do research on a specific product or service you provide. A product is received by the team and studied to gain important and valuable information so that we could provide the best products or service description for the users. Some of the information we try to generate is:

  • Who is the product for and what are the benefits of using it?
  • How durable is the product and how long will it last for?
  • What are the features of the product?
  • What needs will this product fulfill?
  • Is the product covered by a warranty and how long is the warranty?

Let’s focus on the responsive design in the coming year as google is really going to be indexing many of the responsive mobile sites.

As the leading SEO company we spend a lot of time to work on your desktop version and your mobile version page both on the on-page and off-page version of the site. You are backed by a team of professional individuals with many years in the SEO field.




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