SEO Link Building Strategies

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SEO Link Building Strategies

This is something you see all over the internet. Link exchange are the best SEO link building strategies to gain traffic and increase your page authority. In other words it gives your domain the highest authority that will make your site rank in one of the first pages in Google search engine, Yahoo and Bing. You all know that these are the major search engines used in many countries across the globe.

Have you ever received emails asking you for a link back from your site and vice versa? Let us explain that link exchange is one of the major SEO strategies but only when done in a proper way. So, say for example you have an online store that sells shoes. The best way to get a link exchange is to look for sites that sell shoes and the idea is to find stores that sell different shoes from yours. Otherwise this person won’t be able to exchange a link with you, as you become a competitor.

Linking to a site in the same niche has a positive impact on improving your traffic and leads. Many webmasters are happy to reciprocate a link if you email them in advance and explain to them that a link exchange will benefit both of your business and give authority to both the sites. You could use an email like this: SEO link exchange sample email.


Some link exchange difficulties you might face

Now lets think carefully about when you receive an email from a shop owner asking you for a link back to his or her site. First, you might think how would I benefit from that. The thing is a one-way link is very powerful but, the online store web master might hesitate to provide you a link on their site if they do not benefit from it. So the idea of asking for a reciprocal link is not bad.

Here are some link exchange tips

• You might have to consider linking to a site that is related to your niche
• Make sure that the site has valuable content that will attract a user
• Try to find out how old is the site and what is the PR of the site
• Try to visit to find out how popular is the site
• Look if they give out follow or no follow links
• You might want to browse the site and see if the website structure is good
• Try to find out the name of the webmaster before emailing them


Many SEO experts say the reciprocal links are bad.

Now it’s a very good time that we can go deeper in the details to clarify if reciprocal links are actually bad or not. We think that you might be aware of many blogs that basically link to each other and there are many websites on the internet that are owned by one company or one individual. These people practise linking most of their websites together.

So is this bad?

We  do know that google has warned site owners about links that are tinted to manipulate page rank. We also know that links to webmasters may impact the ratings of the website according to google algorithms. Having a few links and not using excessive link exchange is very beneficial rather than bad.

Please review the link Schemes page to read more about link exchange.


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