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How is SEO made easy?

Search Engine Optimization is such a very important and crucial issue for website publishing, website and bloggers and businesses across the globe. Take a look and imagine how many blogs and websites are active in the niche you choose to blog about, imagine the number of companies selling the same product or offering the same service like you. A sincere imaginative thought would show you how much of competition you are facing and the need to do something better than others to succeed.

When I write a blog or website post, I spend good time with how to make my post unique, answer the questions directly, and have great content and a very compelling keyword. For bloggers to be successful, you need a blog well ranked on google so that people get to see what you offer and provide. Business websites have nothing doing on the internet and cyber space if it is not well ranked for its products and services.

SEO is so crucial to make you succeed and it is defined as the act or process of making a website or web page visible and rank high on the search engine result. Because a lot of people have the same and similar contents and posts on their website, there is a laid down algorithm by search engine websites like Google to organize how website will be placed and arranged from the top to the bottom when a particular search result is displayed.

The basis of search engine choice to prefer a website or blog as against so many others is simply getting to do the right things such as great and unique content, well researched keywords, having a good page title amidst other things. All of these things put together, will make your website and blog rank high if you constantly do them with patience. On the internet, there are two basic ways to have a web page ranked. The first is what I call the Short cut approach while the other is the Long term approach.

For the ‘short cut approach’, it is a black hat and very tricky and dubious ways to getting a website and blog ranked fast in other to make the cash rapidly. This kind of approach is not sustainable and it often leads to total collapse in no time. However, the ‘Long term approach is quite nice and it is playing by the rule of the game in getting the work of website and blog ranked. This approach is sustainable as it helps to create a good online reputation for your website because people constantly flock the website for good content to help them acquire needed information.

To have a complete work done for your Search Engine Optimization, you need to take into cognizance, every needed On-Page and Off-Page practices in other to galvanize them into creating a good online presence for your business website and stay on top of the business pedigree. One of the basic and fundamental mindset to succeed with Search Engine Optimization is to always think about the millions of people looking and searching for information on the various search engines and how to provide them useful information as it concerns your niche.

When you have that mindset, you would easily be driven by it to do the right things for great content, keywords research and other ways to equip your website and blog get the upper hand on search engine ranking. Below are explained list of what to do to make your website and blog ranked and optimized for good online and internet presence.


Good Content

“Content is king.” Bill Gates made this prediction in 1996 and today, it is no more a prediction, but a fact known to all.

Search engines like Google always look for websites and blogs with great content to direct internet users to. This is a great clue and hint that you must create and keep providing good and great content on your website and blogs as it is a key factor to having your website optimized and well ranked on the pecking orders of the search engine. Put in this effort to always make good your content.

Quality and Keyword Research

Nice and great content must be well oiled by a quality writing to give your blog and website post an edge and make it stand out from lots of competing blogs and websites in your niche. Keywords are so much essential too that research well about it. Internet users search using a particular keyword and for your website to come up as a top result for the search, you must have such keyword in your content. From the topic and headlines to discussed issues in your website content, good keywords must be used. You can go as far as buying a book that teaches keyword and how best it works. However, a free research about keywords is to put yourself in the shoes of an internet user willing to search for something. What appropriate word would come first into your mind to search about? Good answers to this could be a great way to decide on keywords that are effective and efficient for SEO.

Direct Answers and Good Title

If your content provides a direct answer and solution to internet searchers, Google will easily recognize it and show your website under the search bar. Always make your content have a clear answers to the questions that can be raised in what you write about in every of your blog and website posts. Make a very good title for each of your web pages and allow it to show on the tag.


Mobile Access and Backlinks

The influence of the smart phones and mobile gadgets is great and very strong on our current generation to the extent of making any serious website owner and bloggers have a website that is accessible on mobile phones and devices. You would not like a situation whereby your page is ranked on the search result and searchers cannot simply access it even after appearing as one of the top results. Building good and effective backlinks with quality also help a lot in ranking your website and blog on search engines.




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