What is Search Engine Optimization

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What is search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the market-based promotion of growing visibility of search in the major search engines. The visibility is based on organic search and not on paid search engine results. A clear definition of SEO is getting traffic from free organic search engine results.

What is a search engine?

Today we are going to focus on how to help more people find your website. How do we do this? Of course, with the help of SEO we can achieve this easily! Search engines are platforms that enable users to search for documents, services, products on the World Wide Web. These platforms have all the world’s websites saved and they respond to the user’s search. Each user that inputs keywords in the search engine and clicks search gets related results from the search engine. Some of the major search engine platforms are Google, Yahoo and Bing.







What’s the difference between paid and a natural search Engine

Paid search engine results can be purchased from google. You can use Google adwords to target your preferred kewyords. These search results can be targeted because they find the right candidates that are interested in your product or service. Natural search engine differs from the paid search engine. For the natural search engine there must be a lot of work done On-page of off-page natural search engine optimization work.

On page Search Engine Optimization

As business owners and bloggers we usually start by doing on-page SEO. Google search engine takes off-page SEO more than anything else. So the on-page SEO work is not as important as the off-page work. Try to spend more time on your off-page SEO work rather than spending so much time on your on-page SEO work.

Off page Search Engine Optimization

The off-page work simply tells google how relevant is the content in your site. The most relevant the content is, the more links you will get from other websites across the globe. Of course, when you have more links than your competitors you rank highly in google and you increase traffic and sales leading to making a lot of money.

To get higher ranking you must have a lot of quality backlinks from 2.0 sites. You also need to be trusted by other webmasters making them feel very confortable with linking to your site. Social media can be another factor for getting highly ranked in the search engine. Getting a lot of likes and shares from all social media platforms can help boost your rank and traffic. All the steps mentioned lead to ethical search engine and long lasting results.

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How I do I learn about the search engine optimization process

One of the best places to learn about search engine optimization is by spending time learning in different platforms such as Moz website.




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