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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of facilitating a website to provide it higher chances of ranking top in the search engines results. This represent a set of processes that are all done to make the website relevant to search engines in other to reach targeted internet users. With the ever growing competition in businesses, the ways to beat off competition and stay atop of others is to get the website optimized for good reach and massive revenue drive. To get an expected result from Search Engine Optimization, there different steps to be taken including Keyword research, Unique Content, Backlinks, Title Tags and so on.


Web Design is the process of creating an online presence for an individual, group, school, business, government, or other entity. From past decades till now, designing a website has changed and developed from the use of simple HTML to complex processes and scripts such as Ajax, JavaScript, XML, PHP and MySQL. While there are many options to build a website, taking the time to have a well thought out, well designed, and well marketed web site is a proven path to success. To build a website is good enough, but having a set goal for the website yet to be built is good so from the beginning, designs are made to achieve the set goals. Good reference must be given to the domain name, address name and title of pages and its accessibility.

In the discussion of SEO Web design, it is important to say that a website built or designed with the aim of optimization in mind is the best to achieve set goals. Websites are built for differs purpose but common goals is that of making it accessible to the world over through the internet for information, products or services. When a website is designed with SEO practices, it is better than completely building a website and then thinking of optimizing it. SEO website design is basically creating, building and designing a website to rank well on the search engine result pages. It is putting everything in place for optimization of the website during its design.

SEO friendly URLs

Some of the practices aimed at making a website rank and be optimized could be easily be done when it has been SEO has been put into consideration before the website was built. Below are the different SEO practices is easily done while creating a website.


  1. SEO friendly URLs


For a website basically built or designed to be the big fish in its niche, the journey to a well ranked and optimized website starts from the scratch. The URLs will be in a particular keyword which has been researched. This will enable the website have the edge of having researched keyword used as address name and as part of the website content.

  1. XML Sitemap and Submission

The use of good XML created and submitted to search engines of choice is also good for the optimization of a website. Right from the start, the new website and its pages must have a XML file of the sitemap well created and submitted rather than initially submitting links to the search engines which delays and prevent ranking of website a lot.

  1. Domain Name and Title Tags

It is often very beneficial to start a website and design it based on previously used domain name because it has reputation on the internet which could easily help in search engine optimization. Title tags and Meta tags are also very easy to use in relation to useful and relevant keywords when a website is still in the stage of designing.

  1. Backlinks and Content

Backlinks building may be incorrectly built and hence endanger a website or simply ineffective. When quality backlinks are built when the website has just been designed, it eliminates the fear of a failed and wrong backlinks causing issues. Content also is useful to SEO because it carries the relevant keyword needed for optimization. From the beginning, a website must be built to contain only quality and unique content containing well researched keywords that will easily aid ranking.

In conclusion, for anyone willing to design a website, endeavor to design with the image of a well ranked website at your mind. This will make you take every step in relation to what we help rank and optimize the website. If you are not skilled in that, consult and hire companies that deal in designing good websites with the input of necessary recipe for its ranking and optimization. This will make you enjoy success on the website just as you launch it.

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