What is an SEO

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What is an SEO

An SEO expert is a person that spends hours analyzing keywords, articles and surfing different websites for obtaining information from competitors. Most company CEOs hear about other competitors using SEO services and do not know what is an SEO. In this page we will have an answer to the question what is an SEO specialist.


What do SEOs do

SEO experts know their SEO techniques by heart. They make sure that the site SEO stats and site analysis is done correctly to achieve higher ranking in the search engine. There are three different types of SEO techniques black hat SEO, grey hat SEO and white hat SEO. The best type of SEO techniques is the white hat because it guarantees long lasting results.

The black hat SEO is a technique used by experts but it usually exploit the weaknesses in the google search algorithms. Once black SEO techniques have been detected by google search engine, the site immediately loses rank forever. The grey SEO is a combination of both natural and tricky techniques but the best of all the techniques is the white hat SEO.


What does SEO stand for and what is an SEO specialist

One of the most asked question about SEO is what does SEO stand for. SEO stand for search engine optimization and this means research has to be done and a few techniques must be implemented on the site and off the site to reach higher ranking in the search engine. Search engine optimization experts are always looking for ways to get your site more popularity and visibility. That’s the main focus of an SEO expert!

What makes the best SEO company in Hong Kong and what is an SEO

We all know that experience and the years that the person posses in the field is what makes that person or company an expert in SEO. Only with the experience the company will be able to deliver the best SEO service to the client. Another thing to look at an expert in the field is good reputation and are there any reviews from any clients or companies past projects.

Best things to look for in an SEO Company in hong Kong

Make sure that the company is providing best customer service and detailed content of what services offered. The customer service must be responsive and on time. Make sure you are getting on-page and off-page services otherwise you are paying for nothing.


On-page SEO is optimizing the source code and the html of each page on your site. An SEO expert works on individual parts of the page implementing the correct details in the correct place. Off-page SEO is work done in external pages that belong to other related niche in other websites. You can either ask other webmaster to link back to your site or produce important content on other websites for users to read. The content you produce must be unique and interesting to the users. This information will make the users engage and interact with your websites.

How can i perform SEO work on my site

As we mentioned in the beginning what is an SEO? You basically can be an SEO beginner and start doing all the work on your website right now. You can use small SEO tools to analyze your site if you do have the time to do so. All you must do is spend time going through all the procedures given in the SEO website given above.

what is an SEO

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