grow my business using SEO

How to Grow my Business using SEO?

SEO ( Search engine optimization) can have a big impact on your business. I believe that you have been searching for an answer on how to grow my business using SEO but you still haven’t got the definite answer? Before we dive into the answer, let’s explore what SEO is first?

SEO is the only organic strategy that basically increases traffic, sales, lead generation, and all you can name it. SEO is what the search engine algorithm relies on to crawl data. Data is the visible content available on a website. This can be written content, graphics, or even video and audio.

Search engines crawl this information and place it in the right position on the (SERPS). Everyone uses search engines to look for products or services online. So you must be certain  to rely on search engines to rank your website. Therefore it is crucial to position your website page into one of the top positions, otherwise, you will be losing massive leads that convert into sales.


grow my business using SEO


What is the Google algorithm ( RankBrain)?

Rankbrain is Google’s algorithm and this is what adjusts ranking based on the query. Rankbrain works really well with new queries. According to Google’s engineers, Rankbrain excels when receiving a new search inquiry. We now know that Rankbrain is the third most important algorithm of all the algorithms available.

Here is a list of some popular Google algorithms:

  • Panda (2011)
  • Penguin (2012)
  • Pirate (2012)
  • Hummingbird (2013)
  • Pigeon (2014)
  • Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) (2015)
  • Rankbrain (2015)
  • Possum (2016)
  • Fred (2017)
  • Speed (2018)
  • Medic Core (2019)
  • Bert (2019)
  • Featured Snippet (2020)
  • Core Algorithm (2020)

Can I Grow my Business using SEO fast?

SEO can take a long time to get meaningful results. Now let’s dive into how to grow my business using SEO. Here are some very effective steps to take when doing SEO on your site.

Improve Page Speed

Page speed is an SEO ranking factor and it’s not something that we can skip. Improving SEO page speed will give you a chance to rank higher, but speed is not the only factor. There are more than 200 ranking factors that you must follow.

A shortcut to improving page speed to use a plugin that is available for free called lazy load. This plugin help you to load images and videos only when they are visible the page. 

The benefits of the lazy load plugin:

  • Reduce system resource usage
  • initial page weight
  • initial page load time

Here’s an example of a website that uses the lazy load plugin:


Website using lazy load plugin


A tip to remember, is faster loading pages do provide better user  experience and this will definitely move the ranking needle. It also reduces the metrics of bounce rate.

Click through Rate (CTR)

CTR is another indicator when it comes to Google ranking algorithms. Since 75% of users online do not navigate over the first page of Google SERPS. Spending a good amount of time increasing the click-through rate will increase your chances of ranking in higher positions.

How do you improve CTR?

One of the ways to improve CTR is by tweaking your title tag. Making sure that you include your primary keywords in the title is critical. You won’t be able to improve CTR if your target keyword is not included. 



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