Hong Kong Search Engine Optimization

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Hong Kong Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is an array or series of techniques and methods used to improve the ranking of a website or blog on the search engine websites like Google. The said ranking improvements will enable the Google to place the website or blog at the top of the search engine result whenever a keyword contained in the website content is searched for on Google.

It is known and proofed that about 85% of internet users use different search engines to look for products, services and information. The traffic that Google gets daily is so much and can only be explained because lots of online users visit the site to search for useful things. For any website owner and blogger, you must do all things within the allowed regulation and ethical practice to make your website appear on the Google result page so you can prevent missing out on potential buyers, targeted audience and other information seekers.


It is also known that most internet users only view the first page of search result. That means you must do enough to make Google place your website on their first page of result of searches involving your website. Search Engine Optimization and improving your website for good ranking is not a coincidence or by luck, it is simply about working on laid down ways to achieving it. The SEO is to help your website get the recognition and visibility it requires in an ever competitive niche.

In the quest to improve website using the Search Engine Optimization technique and method, the steps can be divided into two. These two steps are basic and fundamental to what you need to do as regards making your website rank well on the internet. These two basic steps are known as On-Page and Off-page Optimization and in the course of this article, I would be explaining the methods for ranking websites and blogs on both basic steps.

On-page Optimization:

These are various ways to improve and rank website that are done on the web page.

  1. Keyword Research and Selection

This is a very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. It involves the use of the keyword which is good enough and well researched to optimize a website for more visibility and presence. For every searched done on Google and other search engine websites, the user will use a particular keyword with which Google will enlist results. Google will list the results of websites that have that keyword in their website and blog content. Based on this fact, it is very effective to research the most used keyword for Google searches involving your niche and including them into your website content. A simple way to research the keyword is putting yourself in the shoes of an internet user willing to get information, products and services on the internet. Think of the keyword you would likely use to search for what you need. This will make you to make good decision selecting the best keywords for your website contents.

  1. Title Tags Generation

 Title tags are so important and they are like the headlines in newspaper. Title tags are the words that shows up on the browser tab when opening a new website page. In websites, the HTML tag used is called Title but called h1-tag for blogs. These two stands for first order tagging. To generate the tags title is based on research for title that will lead to good ranking and optimization.

  1. Meta Tag Optimization

 Meta Tag Optimization is crucial to the overall Search Engine Optimization because a website with an optimized Meta tag will show as a result for searched keyword and it will be cut off and end with a ‘……’ or be an incomplete sentence. This visibly shows the difference between an optimized and an un-optimized Meta tag. Meta tags are the excerpts that show up when Google displays your web page as one of the results of a particular search.

  1. Hyperlink Optimization

 A hyperlink is a link inputted into a website content. It is clickable link that will usually take you to another web page when clicked on. Some hyperlinks are in form of pictures or images while some are for downloads of file.
In most cases, the hyperlinks will be some words in blue color with an underline. However, it may appear differently in different sites. Popularly called a “link” instead of “hyperlink”.
An example is SEO Hero when optimizing the hyperlink, you are telling the search engine website the content of your web page as well as the additional information you have therein in form of a hyperlink which will lead users to other relevant web pages.

  1. XML Sitemap Creation and Submission

 In the event of wanting to submit a new web page added to your website or a new website entirely, you need to submit a sitemap and not the URLs because sitemap will make the process rapid and quicker. To generate a good XML sitemap, you can do that from different websites that offer such services and then submit to the search engine you are optimizing with. Sitemaps are nothing but an xml file in a standard format that include all URLs from your website.

  1. Content and Backlinks

Content is king and is rightly so because the keyword searched on the search engines are the basis for any website to show up as result. Without any content, then one has no business with SEO. Content of website and blogs must me unique and of high quality. It must directly address the issue used as topic and keyword. The content must contain keywords that are well researched and selected for optimum result. Backlinks also represent a very crucial aspect of On-page SEO practice. It is the link that connects a website with other website of good reputation and authority on the internet. The links must be quality and free from bad and unethical practices which may endanger the website. Good backlinks increase traffic and ranking of a website. 

  1. Website Redesign

Website could be redesigned in a bid to optimize it for better performance and productivity. For reasons such as making the website enabled for display on mobile devices and gadgets, increasing the speed the website takes to open and display and some other basic reasons can be good excuse to redesign a website.

Off-page optimization includes: 

  1. Identity

Creating an identity and a brand online is a huge and big way to having a trust signal for Google. However, it takes time to build. When you finally got that popular brand, it pops up easily and it prevents you from future sanctions through Google updates.

  1. Bounce rate

This is basically the measure of how many people view on only one web page of your website, before leaving. This means that the good traffic must stay for long on your web pages and browse more than one page. Bounce rate must be low to have a sustained audience always coming back to your website. Content and loading times are also factors that help make bounce rate low.

With all discussed issues about the steps to optimizing a website, it is of good to say that you can employ or hire SEO agencies of good reputation to do this for you and get your website right on top of the result bar. For Hong Kong SEO, it is pretty a no big deal with a company as AsiaSEO. AsiaSEO does the job well and have great reputation and dedication for SEO services. They provide the best result for websites and sustain it for continued productivity and good revenue pull. Asia presents a good opportunity for business and to harness this, you have to make our business well known to lots of internet users online through a well optimized and ranked website. Get things done right and be listed on our ever growing register of happy and satisfied clients today. Contact us on Asia SEO Web Design and let us make your website the best and big fish in the niche it belongs.





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