Top-notch quality and reliable SEO services from an all-rounded SEO company in Hong Kong.

We are the SEO agency that you’ve been looking for. As a pioneer search engine optimization company in Hong Kong, we endeavor to deliver a service that will mark your space in the digital world. We are all about putting you on the first page of the search engine results.

Our SEO Process

We do not just claim to deliver outstanding results. Our ability to deliver on this promise is deeply rooted in a well-crafted search engine optimization process. A combination of these SEO tactics helps us get the work done.

SEO services

• Initial website SEO audit

We know that you built the website to connect with your clients and push your valuable products through the market. However, just having the website will not cut the chess.

You need to optimize your website for the search engine, and this begins with a detailed and expert SEO audit. 

SEO audit entails evaluating your website to determine its current position on the search engine. At this stage, our experts are not focused on making any changes to your website structure and content. Instead, we want to learn more about you and what you have done so far. 

We have a set by step checklist that we confirm during SEO audit, highlighting all issues that must be repaired or improved to boost your page’s performance. 

Think of this as a report card of how you are currently performing on Google. As much as you have a clean and wonderfully designed site, failure to make a breakthrough on the SEO bit will not yield any results from your hard work. 

We conduct a full audit that compares you to competitors and leverages those findings to your advantage. We also uncover any underlying weaknesses and devise a roadmap for fixing them.

• Keyword research

You cannot have a conversation on SEO without mentioning the relevance of keywords. That is why keyword research forms an integral part of our SEO process.

To execute robust keyword research, it is paramount that you understand your target audience and what they are searching for, including products, services, and content. Thanks to the exact keywords research we execute, you know the critical search terms to incorporate into your content.

Because you’ve told us who you are, the general outlook of your customers, and your overall business goals, we can conduct authentic keyword research.

Please keep in mind that keyword research requires a professional approach and sufficient time allocation. The idea is not to just rank for any keywords. Instead, what you rank for should be what your customers are interested in.

Another important consideration that most people forget is that keyword research is not a one-off encounter. Instead, it is an ever-evolving part of what we do. We will need to continuously re-evaluate old keywords as well as re-augment high-volume, competitive keywords.

There are times that you may also want to diversify. Yes, diversity is an integral part of the whole keywords research process. Do not expect to stand out if you are ever using all the exact keywords as your competitors.

• Keyword research

Simply stated, link-building involves making other websites link back to you. You should be interested in this because it is a vital driver of traffic and enhances your website’s authority.

You may wonder why we consider link-building to be an integral part of our process. Google algorithms have been evolving over the years, but link-building has remained the one unchanged factor.

This feature has constantly determined the sites that would rank for given keywords. By giving your website valuable backlinks, we also award it higher rankings.

As far as link-building is concerned, some people do it the right way, and others complete it wrongly. As the leading SEO company in Hong Kong, we focus on giving you long-term viability, hence only engage in natural link-building practices.

We use numerous strategies for link building, including content creation and promotion, reviews, mentions, and links from partners. We know that this is not an approach that bears fruits overnight.

That’s why we exercise immense patience while building those quality links. We do not advocate for shortcuts because doing so would harm your SEO efforts.

• On-page speed optimization

On-page optimization, also called on-page SEO, entails the practices that we apply directly on your website pages to improve its ranking on the search engine. During this process, we are mainly interested in features such as title tags and meta descriptions.

For on-page optimization to be effective and achieve desired results, we consider a couple of factors. Analysis and regular monitoring are the two key things that we do not compromise on for your overall benefit. Everything that we do is geared towards achieving your goal.

As part of the on-page SEO process, we have some main areas that we ensure are well-handled. These are (1) Technical optimization, (2) Content, and (3) Design.

Technical SEO – We look into where your website is hosted (server speed) and the source code. A website will load faster if it is hosted on a reliable server and has an efficient source code. A fast-loading website is suitable for SEO.

Content – The website content comprises various things such as texts, images, videos, graphics, alt-tags, and meta information. As we create content for your website, our goal is to appeal to the general reader.

Design – The usability of your website makes it convenient to the user and turns out attractive to web crawlers. We will evaluate your website and replace complex graphics with simple alternatives that increase page functionality.

What SEO can do for you?

Should you invest in SEO? Here is a look at the various ways in which SEO can benefit your website:

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Improve user experience

The various strategies that we apply go a long way in enhancing user experience. In return, you benefit from more clicks, better brand recognition, more leads, and higher conversion rates.
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Generates quality traffic

Search engine optimization is an inbound marketing strategy that reaches out to an audience interested in your product. As a result, you target traffic that has a high conversion possibility.
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No more ad costs

SEO takes away the need to set aside huge budgets for purchasing ads. It is an organic marketing approach that does not need you to pay to rank higher on Google search results.

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SEO has higher clicks than PPC

As much as PPC ads display at the top of the search engine results page, most online surfers click on the organic results. The surest way to rank for organic results is to explore SEO.
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SEO is good for local search

More customers will likely visit the local store or shop. Thus, if you conduct SEO to rank for Hong Kong searches, you are assured of increased local sales.
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SEO makes your website mobile-friendly

The majority of online users are on mobile devices. Given that an essential part of SEO is to improve the mobile-friendliness of your website, you will be targeting colossal traffic.

Why choose us for SEO Hong Kong?

1.     We promise fantastic results and deliver just as promised

2.     We are 100% transparent and share our process with you

3.     We are focused on SEO, making us experts in this field

4.     We offer exclusive SEO service and aim not to work with your direct competitors 

5.     We measure the effectiveness of everything we do

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