Our global customers trust us for our ability to lift them beyond their immediate problems and provide solutions aimed at sustaining their business in the long term. We offer customized solutions, advising our clients, working closely with their internal departments to achieve the desired goal.

Here is a comprehensive list of our services and how we can help your business move to the next level.

SEO Analysis

We like calling it SEO insight because our work goes beyond evaluating your SEO strategy. Let me explain.

You cannot scale upwards in the modern online environment without a proper SEO strategy. Still, SEO is a complex field for many website owners and marketers…even the old and established.

At SEO Hero, we make it our core duty to analyze your past, present, and future SEO strategy deeply. This is where insight comes from, and insight helps us to advise you on what to retain and what to lose.

Our team has a collective experience spanning more than 30 years working around the internet. We were here before social media and we can clearly tell what works and what doesn’t. It’s this experience that will help us to make you outstanding in your industry. Trust us to implement reliable, tried, tested, and trusted SEO knowledge, just see you rise.


What shall we analyze?

  • Traffic and conversion rates
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Link building
  • Technical errors
  • Essential keywords
  • Competition and much more

This is our prominent job, and we are a skilled and experienced army!  Trust our internal and a few external tools that we have used for years to help others get to the top.

Content Writing

Content is King! Yet, so many businesses don’t know exactly how to treat the king and gain the rewards that come with it. We’ve got your back.

We are in an era when content consumption is at an all-time high. Understanding and implementing a successful content strategy should be on the long-term bucket list of any business. It’s not easy, but it’s also doable. We’ve done it for so long that we know what works and what doesn’t.

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Video Scripts

Seeing is believing, and internet consumers today have taken this adage quite literally.

Demand for videos in long-form and short has shot up unprecedentedly. Businesses that manage to leverage on this medium tend to attract more visitors and ultimately higher rates of conversion. Why? Because videos tend to have a higher convincing authority by combining the visual and audio elements.

But these videos don’t just pop up on their own. They need brainstorming, scripting, shooting and editing, reviewing, and, most importantly, ensuring that they carry the core message intended for your business.

Certainly, this is not a job that just anyone will do. We have dedicated a whole department to assist businesses and individuals just like you to come up with amazing, creative, and informative videos for their audiences. We never disappoint. Give us the business, we will give you a well-cooked idea!

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Blogs posts

For all your internal and external blog posts, we’ve got you covered.

Why are blog posts such an important aspect of modern online existence? We’ve worked around this question for several years now and we are equally convinced that people will continue to depend on them for a long time. Well-written blog posts have the ability to remain memorable to a reader. The point-by-point staircase arrangement of ideas allows ease of understanding and reference.

Blog posts are simply timeless.

Don’t let the burnout and diminishing ideas hold you back from reaching out to your audiences. We will help you craft catchy, informative blog posts to excite the audience and keep them coming back for more.

Our internal policy to blog posts and any other content is heavily dependent on research. We listen to you; we look at your target audience (TA), your market and niche, the competition, and all other important elements. This way, we are able to create your blog posts in the most appropriate way for positioning and top-ranking online.

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Guest posting

Guest posting opportunities don’t come easy. Editors set strict demands for guest posts, and on some websites, they ask for hefty fees. Guests posting, however, can give you brand unmatched global visibility.

We’ve created expansive networks for guest positing opportunities with global brands. Forbes,, Medium, Search Engine Land, Bloomberg are some of our close associates.

From our global clients, we’ve learned that the main challenge is identifying suitable spots for guest posting. Sometimes, when they manage to publish, they pick the wrong platforms. The result is that they eventually fail to get value for their time and mine.

Paid and free blog posts enhance your online presence across various platforms. Let us help you spread the word, make connections and be visible online by writing guest posts for you and publishing them to a global audience.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest means of digital marketing. At SEO Hero, we treasure email marketing for its ability to create a long-term, meaningful, and personal relationship with the audiences. This is one medium where you address a potential client by name and get to test their feelings and thoughts about your product. Its way too personal and too good to just let go—leverage on it to thrust your business to the next level.

Why has it stood the test of time?

The answer to this question lies in email’s effectiveness, the power to convince, trustworthiness and the highest Return on Investment (ROI)

Every brand uses emails, but GREAT brands use emails to push increase revenue.

How is your email marketing strategy? Do you reach the right audiences? Do you get feedback?

It’s time to recharge and replenish your email marketing campaigns. We will help you collect, filter, and organize your email campaigns to gain measurable results. We have advanced in-built tools to help collect and organize emails from large online pools.


Explore More Services?

Gain the most by exploring the services we provide. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Quora, and LinkedIn took the world by storm. The list is way too long. What started simply as platforms for connecting people in different places around the world are now tools that forward-looking businesses must use to their advantage?

 How are you using social media platforms to grow and expand your business?

Over the years, we’ve thoroughly tested each of the top-ranking platforms. We know what works and what’s a hoax. We are very clear on how to maneuver around them to get the audience talking. We use these platforms to primarily push your brand to greater heights.

You don’t need to struggle with a social media strategy that doesn’t work. We will help you create a clear, concise and result-oriented social media strategy for your brand.

Get in touch with us. Together, we will build a strong social media presence for your business.

Pay Per Click(PPC) campaigns make some of the most efficient modes of internet marketing. Advertisers pay a given fee every time a visitor clicks on their ads.

We will be straightforward about this; most businesses don’t understand PPC marketing and end up losing significant amounts try to get it right. Nonetheless, when a PPC strategy is appropriately executed, the potential therein is immense.

Building a suitable PPC campaign requires a deep understanding of the campaign needs, the brand, and the products. You must get several things right; keywords, target audience, timing, targeting and landing pages are all essential ingredients in any PPC campaign.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), is the best example of a PPC advertising system. Don’t worry about how these systems work. We already know the nitty-gritty and how to use them to make a fortune for your business.

We want you to spend more time creating products that pull customers to you. Our role is to promote your brand and all the products you create to the right people who will reward you for solving their problem and keeping them happy.

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