What is Google SEO?

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually a set of technique to optimize SEO or organic a website on search engines . The objective here is to position or index the site in the search engines according to certain keywords corresponding to the main themes of the site in question.By natural or organic referencing, we mean the search results that are displayed naturally by the search engine after a request and not the sponsored links which is located most of the time on the right of the screen. 

Google SEO :
The most powerful Search Engine ? 

On-page SEO

Logically, for your website to be offered by the search engine, its content must be related to the request of the user: the words used by the user must be found in the content of the site is , for the engines, the sign that the content has good chances to give the information that the user searches for.

To optimize your content in this way, it is better to know the keywords used by the user that you want to attract on his site - the target. Do a keyword search to identify them, using tools like Google Keywords Planner or Google Adwords.

It is to be closer to the problems of the target, to provide a solution. In addition to having the right keywords , your content should be interesting, well structured and well written, and updated regularly.

Off-page SEO

Is your site trustworthy? Google reference based on the confidence that can be made to a site, formalized by an index, the TrustRank . From 0 to 10, it is calculated from multiple technical criteria as human: the authority, the bounce rate, the seniority, the renewal, the audience, the number of pages of the site. Bounce rates increase when people land on your site from a keyword thay've searched on the search engine. If they leave within a few seconds. The bounce rate will definitely increase.

A search engine like Google also takes into account the quality and the number of incoming links to a site, as well as the anchor texts : the anchor text also called "anchor text" is the clickable text that points to the URL of another page. It must be clear, concise, relevant, and ideally include a keyword on which the site is to position itself.