What is Google SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually a set of techniques to optimize a website on Google search engines. The objective here is to position or index the site on search engines according to certain keywords corresponding with the main pages of the site. 

甚麼是Google SEO

Google SEO : The most powerful Search Engine?

keyword research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a primary step in SEO. It provides you with solid data on what are internet users searching for online. Without keyword research, your entire SEO process will be a waste. Knowing the right keywords to target will make your SEO process a complete success.

SEO HERO’s SEO begins with keyword research. Before we start working on any type of SEO campaign, Keyword research is a priority on selecting targeted keywords.

Thematic Keyword research assures that you understand what your target market is. These keywords are the words that users type to search for a service, product, information, etc.

on-page SEO

On-page SEO

Logically, for your website to be listed on top listings by the search engine, its content must be related to the request of the user: the keywords used by the user must be within the context of the site is. Google selects content that answers or solves user’s problems.

To optimize your content, it is better to do some keyword research and find out what are keywords used by the user. You can also Do a keyword search to identify them, either by using Google “Keywords Planner” or “Google Adwords”.

In addition to having the right keywords, your content should be interesting, well structured and well written, and updated regularly.

off-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Is your site trustworthy? Google algorithms select sites that are trustworthy, formalized by an index, the TrustRank. From 0 to 10, it is calculated from multiple technical criteria as human: the authority, the bounce rate, the seniority, the renewal, the audience, the number of pages of the site. Bounce rates increase when people land on your site from a keyword they’ve searched on the search engine. If they leave within a few seconds. The bounce rate will definitely increase.

A search engine like Google also takes into account the quality and the number of incoming links to a site, as well as the anchor texts: the anchor text also called “anchor text” is the clickable text that points to the URL of another page. It must be clear, concise, relevant, and ideally include a keyword on which the site is to position itself.

Distinguishable Return On Investment

How to Get Started?

Are you ready to start dominating the first page of Google search engine results? Get to speak with one of our SEO experts and decide on starting  your campaign with us.

Google SEO 2021

Google SEO in 2021?

Google SEO in 2021 is becoming super difficult as Google’s algorithms are improving every time there is an update. Google is cracking on link farms and non-organic link building methods.

Google SEO

Google SEO is the process of working on a website making sure that each page loads faster and provides the most accurate information to the search engine algorithm. 

SEO is super important because once you get your keywords top rank you then gain consecutive clients. Each and every user that surfs the net daily, is basically typing a keyword on the search bar and looking for a product or service. When you get found, you make a sale.

SEO is not some type of magic. SEO is a long term investment that guarantees very good return on investment in the long run. SEO can take between 6 to 12 months to get yourself in top position on the SERPS. 

The most effective SEO  strategies are on-page SEO that includes knowledge of site speed, page structure, and implementation of the right content.

Every  SEO campaign get a repost at the end of each month. You get a detailed report with all the keywords and how they rank.

At SEO HERO LTD, we provide exceptional SEO service. We place our customers first and we work hard to gain leads and sales for our customers. We also customize your digital strategy to ensure your brand gets discovered online.

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