Opencart Keyword research and copywriting

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Opencart Keyword research and copywriting


Opencart is an online store which provides a suitable platform for traders to easily display their products for sale. This platform has an URL that can be navigated through the internet and as such anyone can access the store and buy any of the listed products. Based on this fact, Search Engine Optimization is important as it is an effective way to optimize the Opencart store and get it well ranked on different search engines.


Search Engine Optimization ensures that lots of organic targeted traffic to the Opencart store website and thereby provides better conversions and sales. Most website and Opencart store owners have probably heard of Search Engine Optimization and the practices such as backlinks, content, keyword research and others that makes up the SEO concept. However, in this article, I would take into consideration, two very important on-page SEO techniques which are capable of boosting your Opencart store sales and also sustain the momentum for so long a time.


These two very important techniques are Keyword Research and Copywriting. Keyword research is very important because some other Search Engine Optimization techniques like Meta description, Header Tag are dependent on the keyword that has been researched to effective and useful for optimization. Copywriting is an art of writing very good content that motivates and instigates a reader or buyer to buy a product, perform an action or subscribe to an email list. Copywriting in simple terms is the content of your store that discuss each product. Based on my experience in the Search Engine Optimization field, I have discovered that lots of website owners have either failed to dig deep enough to get the best of keywords through keyword research. They have also been found wanting in creating good and impressive contents through copywriting that will boost conversion and sales.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is such a very important aspect that it is needed in Meta Description, Title Tags, Headline Tags and even the content. Keywords are list of particular word or phrase that is mostly used by internet users to search for services or products you sell or render on your website. These keywords are often used by internet users on the search engine websites like Google. The usefulness of researching for these keywords is based on the fact that your website (Opencart store) will only be listed by Google when the keywords search for on Google is found as a part of your content, Title Tags, Page Title or any other component of your web store. When your website comes up as one of the top results, then you are guaranteed good sales because it has been ranked. Therefore keyword research is so great. To research keywords, all you need to do is to visit the Google Keyword planner and type in the topic you want keywords for and then click on get ideas. You would then be able to keywords and the number of times internet users have searched for something related to your topic using those keywords. Select some keywords that are highly used and then you are done. These keywords must be well used as Title tags, Page Title and as part of content on your Opencart store.




I earlier said that copywriting is an art of writing very good content that motivates and instigates a reader or buyer to buy a product, perform an action or subscribe to an email list. Indeed, you will fail to get lots of buyers buying your products on you Opencart store if do not write a content to probably explain how it works, its benefit, why people have to buy it and all that kind of contents. As Opencart is concerned, your aim is to motivate and instigate buyers to buy your products and this can be achieved by taking into consideration of these points:

  1. You must make a very good topic or headline for your content. The headline must target a keyword and be attractive and compelling.
  2. The content must be clear as to what it intends to pass across to readers. A content attracts lots of readers when it people see clearly, the gap that it wants to fill.
  3. Always target two to five keywords in your contents. Make use of the keywords you had earlier researched for.



In conclusion, taking all the above discussed ideas important will help your Opencart store rank well and as such get good sales and in extension, make you good money.

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