SEO Freelance for Small Business

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SEO Freelance for Small Business

We are so pleased to share with you years of experience for hiring an SEO freelance for small business. The internet users’ number is increasing day by day and the internet becomes a hub for all types of businesses to promote services and products. Websites play a vital role in representing a business online these days.

It has become more powerful than a top sales persons of a business. There are billions of websites live on internet, but the optimized ones only can reach up to the potential customers. Rich business and corporate owners have their own in-house search engine optimization team, that handles all their online promotion activities. They help their businesses to reach its goal,  increase their gross profit by getting returns on investments.


  • Then what about small business owners who are not able to hire an SEO team to promote their services and products online? What way can they reach their potential customers online?

The answer is SEO Freelance. There are many experienced SEO experts who are doing Search Engine Optimization freelance services for small business owners. These owners achieve their goals by hiring SEO Freelancers and this leads them to reach their online potential customers. By hiring these  freelancers they are capable to compete online with corporate businesses, though the return on investment (ROI) may be different but the percentage of profit differs.

An SEO freelancer can help you with search engine optimization techniques to help power up your website on the search engines. The role of an seo freelancer can be 1 of 2. First, they can promote your website, using search engine optimization techniques. Alternatively, they can assist you with crucial SEO techniques and guide you with the way you optimize your own website.

They will give advice on what the serps need to look like on the website and what off-site search engine optimization techniques need to be added, like link building, directory submissions and so on. Certain things a normal seo company would not include as part of their SEO service.

If you are just looking for assistance with promoting your own website, an SEO freelancer is a perfect choice for you. Sometimes you may struggle with certain aspects of SEO, while optimizing your own website.

SEO freelancers can guide you and help explain the issues that you may come across, SEO is becoming so mainstream and new techniques are being incorporated every day on blogging social networks, article submissions and more.

With all the new updates it is hard to keep up with everything, if you have difficulty and feel that is becoming too hard, the seo consultant can takeover and help ease the pressure.

With so many guidelines to adhere to with the serps, the SEO freelance expert guides you to what is and what is not acceptable by the search engines, certain aspects that you may not realize and could harm your seo campaign.


How to Find an SEO Freelancer

A Native English Speaker

First and foremost, English is the most used language on the web. A study done by W3Techs showed that  most-visited sites in the world, 55% of them used English as their primary language. This is massive!

While a non-native English speaker can become very good at writing in English, you simply cannot beat the quality of a native English speaker. The native speaker is conscious of the phonetics of the English language when writing.

Readers can tell the difference between a native speaker’s work and a non-native speaker’s work. And satisfied readers means better rankings for your business and more money in your pocket.


So, you have found yourself a native speaker? Great! There’s one more area that you must take in account, which is? Is the candidate educated enough? There are plenty of native English speakers that can’t write effectively at all.

Usually, a high school diploma means that the person is sufficient enough to write their ideas on paper in a natural-sounding, non-robotic way.

But, as a business trying to rank higher in search, you need more than that. You need a quality writer. A native speaker who excels in writing. A person that can write exciting, compelling content that draws your readers and makes them engage. Someone who got A’s in English class and did their homework, not someone who got a D and barely made it through!

If you have an SEO writing freelancer that fits this description, you are well on your way to ranking high.

Reliable and Dependable Freelancer

You found a quality native English speaking candidate that is highly educated to grow your business. Awesome! You are now 90 percent of the way there. However, there’s one more caveat I must stress. You need someone you can trust.

If you have a writer who can’t meet deadlines, you’re in trouble. If you have a writer who is capable, but doesn’t take pride in his work and gives you low-quality, tossed-together articles, you’re in trouble. If you have a writer who doesn’t communicate with you swiftly, you’re in trouble.

You’re running a business here. You cannot afford to have somebody who doesn’t care. You need a writer who you don’t have to chase around and submits on-time, every time.

Now You’re Ready To Go

Now, you’re armed with the criteria you need to look for when hiring an SEO content writing freelancer.

  • Native English Speaker
  • Educated
  • Reliable. Submits on-time, every time.


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