7 latest SEO Trends

7 Latest SEO Trends

All-inclusive 7 Latest SEO Trends


  1. The intention of research and optimization of the code

Living in the future is the only way to keep your SEO strategy up to date. One of the biggest changes in SEO that experts will put on base is: the keywords become less important. There is a great debate about the relevance of keywords and how optimizing search intent will change search engine results.

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What is research intent?

Today, it’s not enough to just sprinkle a few keywords in a blog post and expect them to be in the top 10 SERPs. The reason is that Google does not only show the results by keyword but presents the results by considering the purpose of the search.


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How would the research intention affect new SEO trends in 2019?

If a user searches for “The best way to optimize a website for SEO,” we are certain that he wants methods to optimize a website for SEO purposes. But with each method, the user may want to know why the method is great; What should be done? What is the workload? And so on. What we are trying to explain to you is that when we create content for users, we should do some research and create useful information that users did not even know they needed. It’s great to satisfy the research intent, increase engagement, and increase your search engine rankings.

The performance and security of websites are also major aspects to pay attention to. It is very important to optimize your website. The use of CDNs, plugins, caching mechanisms and strategic CSS script/file organization is effective in 2018. However, in 2019, websites requiring a loading time longer than 2 seconds will be penalized. Google AMP has been developed to provide almost instant loading of websites. Therefore, the speed of your site in 2019 will always be watched. For developers, now is the time to optimize JS / CSS and tighten the HTML.

  1. Optimization of video content will be one of the trends in SEO in 2019

A recent Cisco white paper shows amazing results that online marketers and SEO experts should consider. Video content will surpass all other types of content with consumption exceeding 85%. As a result, advertisers will try to use video as a major marketing tool. With that, we should think about how we can optimize video content to meet search engine standards. In other words, video referencing will become one of the most important SEO trends in 2019.

What basic aspects of video can you optimize?

Channel Name: We recommend advertisers to sprint to 500 subscribers as soon as possible. The only reason behind this is to claim a custom URL – something very important when it comes to SEO.

Use keywords for your channelKeywords help advertisers define important keywords to drive traffic. The focus should be on using more optimized keywords on YouTube so that the channel gets a high ranking on Google.

Description of the chain: it is important. Do not overlook the optimization of the description on YouTube. Advertisers should consider thinking about this from the point of view of usability. Your audience would like to know more about you and Google too. Google rewards attempt to create a seamless user experience.

As the video audience continues to grow, optimization for mobile users, desktop users, and the use of video referencing is part of an effective video optimization marketing strategy that no business should not happen.


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  1. Voice research will account for nearly 50% of all online searches in 2019

In the world of research, voice is a very dominant trend and, therefore, as SEO experts, we should monitor its evolution in 2019. Let’s take a look at some statistics of voice search:

58% of consumers used voice search to find local business information over the past year.

27% visit the website of local businesses through voice search.

76% of smart speaker users search for local businesses once a week. 53% of users do daily voice searches.

The voice recognition market will reach $ 601 million by 2019.

Voice searches may well become one of the most used research methods. Brands must optimize themselves for that. If they do not, they will be buried by those who do it.

Why is voice search important?


People will say that voice search is fast and improves productivity. We, we like to have a different vision of that. For us, voice search is important because, with voice, almost everyone can access the Internet. For users who are blind or can not use a screen for any reason, voice search is the answer.

Even the illiterate can now search Google for informative results. The optimization of a website will require a different approach with the implementation of “Voice Search”. For example, when a person performs a voice search, terms such as “when,” “how,” “where,” “why,” and so on. will be more prominent.

Companies that optimize their website based on specific keywords will now need to change their approach to reflect this long-tail research. Websites that focused on keywords such as “Automotive First Hand” will now need to optimize keywords with a long tail, such as “Where can I find the cheapest first-hand vehicle”? New SEO trends in 2019 are expected to focus more on user intent, problem-solving, and local searches.

  1. Increasing indexing on social networks will boost organic SEO

The content marketing industry is expected to reach $ 300 billion by 2019. This will have a huge impact on search engine optimization because these two things go hand in hand. SEO trends in 2019 will be more focused on creating content that is consistent with the intent of a search. When content creators focus on the customer, the content will be created not only to rank on the search engines but also to provide added value to the user. Social media will also play an important role in SEO in 2019. They will continue to gain depth to integrate with Search.

Not only in terms of indexing content and ranking on Google but also in a form allowing users to use these channels such as the search engines themselves. For example, YouTube. YouTube is a social network on which you can search for something. Facebook, with its Facebook Watch portal, has already played a leading role. Therefore, we can watch these new SEO trends take shape in 2019.

  1. Optimize the CTR for Google Rankbrain

If you want to improve your SEO in 2019, it is very important to optimize your website for the search engine algorithm of Google – Rankbrain. The clickthrough rate of your website is an important factor in deciding whether your content is relevant to the user’s search or not. To make it clearer, we can say that if a user does not click on your website link when they appear on the SERPs for a particular keyword, Google thinks you are not relevant to that keyword. Google will drop your rankings, and it’s not good for you at all.

How can you improve your SEO ranking in 2019?

To be better ranked in Google’s SERP, you must optimize your titles and descriptions to make it more likely to be clicked. To create a highly optimized Title and Description tag, you need to ask for Adwords help. Advertising copies on Adwords appear after tens or even hundreds of A / B tests. Thousands of dollars are spent to make them. This means that they are highly optimized for maximum CTR.

  1. Think first about mobile for Google’s mobile-first index

Mobile is the way to go when developing your website. As the number of mobile users continues to grow, Google recommends that everyone create responsive, high-quality websites for each device. It is extremely important to create consistent content across all platforms, from mobile to the office. When creating websites, you need to understand that Google is scanning both the desktop version and the mobile version.

When Google says it recommends mobile indexing first, it does not say that it will not explore your desktop version. When Google discovers that you have a mobile-friendly website (recommended), it prefers to display your website higher than websites that are not.

It helps enormously to increase the quality of your page. We also recommend passing the ‘mobile version “of your website to a responsive design that works on all platforms. But there have been cases where they have not passed their usability test. If users have difficulty using your website on their device, they do not think twice before pressing the “back” button and joining your competitors.

With a fully responsive design, you’ll always want to make sure mobile page speeds and load time are prioritized. In addition to this, images and other dynamic elements must also be optimized correctly for the mobile experience. If you’re looking for a separate mobile site, check the following:

Content: When creating content, you should consider creating high-quality and valuable content that already exists on your desktop website. Content may include text, videos, and images. When you include alt-attributes in your images, they become crawlable and indexable.

Structured Data: For structured data, you must include the same markup on your desktop and mobile versions. Make sure to place the mobile versions of the URL in the URLs mentioned in the structured data.

Metadata: You must ensure that the titles and meta descriptions are the same lengths on both the desktop and mobile versions.

Social metadata: Be sure to add social metadata such as OpenGraph tags, Twitter cards, and other mobile social metadata as well as the desktop version.

XML and multimedia sitemaps: Make sure sitemap links are easily accessible from the mobile version. This includes Robots.txt and the privacy policy page. Try to verify this with the Google Mobile Device Test Tool. Just enter the URL of your website and the tool will tell you if it is compatible with mobile devices.


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  1. Long content will allow you to be ranked higher in search results

A number of factors come into play when it comes to defining whether long content is good. It is very important that marketers understand the search engines as well as their users. Let’s clear: long content produces higher search rankings. SerpIQ conducted a study to understand how much content was getting the best rank.

Why does long content produce more backlinks?

The more useful the content, the more it will be shared. Google says that users are not very happy when they are faced with succinct information. It is recommended to write longer content where a user can find everything he is looking for in the same place. The fact is that everyone can write in no time a tiny content and no added value.

But this content will not stand up to competition over time and will fall into the depths of Google. Long content remains an excellent strategy and will remain the main trend of SEO in 2019. But that does not mean that you have to produce long content for fun. It is imperative to design the content so that your users will absolutely love to consume it.


With the advancement of technology and the changing behavior of users, we know the main updates and SEO trends that will prevail in 2019. These will focus on how to make the Internet a more transparent and secure place to process and consume information. 2019 will be the year of voice search and the production of effective content in the form of videos and long-written content. 2019 will be an exciting year, not only for search engine marketing and optimization but for the entire digital marketing industry as exciting new layouts become available.

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