Get Ahead of the Competition with Quality Fresh Content

How to use Quality Fresh Content

Let’s look at how website owners Get Ahead of the Competition with Quality Fresh Content. Are you looking to write content on your website that will make people read, click your links, and land at your blog? If yes, perhaps you might want to learn a few tips to help you get ahead of your competitors. Statistics reveal that the majority of small businesses experience numerous challenges such as effective differentiation where they are forced to compete against big companies.

Even so, that does not you cannot build your brand identity to command a bigger share in the market. If you are concerned about your competitors beating you on search rankings, you can never go wrong by investing time and money to create articles, blog posts, ebooks, and other content for your website. Read on as we are going to provide you with an insight into how to get ahead of your competitors with fresh content.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Quality Fresh Content

Why content marketing?

Perhaps you might be wondering, why content marketing? Well, blogs are not only an effective way to gain traffic to your digital domain but are also one of the most affordable. Even so, gaining traffic is only half the battle. Although comments, page views, tweets, and likes are a great way to get customer feedback, none of them fulfills your ultimate goal.

You need to convert the incoming traffic into leads. The majority of internet users pop in, read some content, and then leave. In fact, according to Forrester Research, around 98% of internet users leave websites without identifying themselves or taking any action. Regardless, can afford to let such a huge number of potential clients to leave without a trace?

If you integrate the right marketing technique, it is possible to convert traffic into leads. Consequently, you should also note that leads without traffic can be meaningless. The best way to ensure you get everything right is to integrate the right techniques. Read on for an insight into these techniques.

Content creation tactics to nudge your traffic into leads

Call-to-Action (CTA)

This is perhaps one of the most critical sections that are quite fundamental in content creation. Indeed, this might come as a wake-up call, to the majority on marketers. All your posts should end with a comment or an invitation. You need to tell your readers what to do next. You might be doing it wrong if you don’t ask them to sign up, download, subscribe, install, contact you, perform clicks, and so on.

Note that high-quality content without a compelling CTA is almost meaningless. Now that your readers are already interested in and engaged with your brand, it is critical that you direct them on what to do next. Incorporate a CTA that is action-oriented, persuasive, creates a sense of urgency, and has benefits to them. Also, it should be easy to find. Below are some of the best places you can integrate on your website:

  • Within the post itself
  • At the top of the page
  • As a sliding pop up
  • At the end of the post
  • In the sidebar

Note that you don’t have to use all of them- you only need a single CTA that will be not only capable of reasoning with your readers but also maximize exposure.


You might work on creating the perfect content and get readers hooked to your website. However, there is a certain percentage of traffic that might not respond to your CTA. This is where retargeting comes in. You have to recapture them again. Perhaps your offer wasn’t compelling enough, maybe they lacked the time, or they simply missed to locate your CTA.

Wherever the reason, you have to ensure you the lost traffic to convert to leads. Luckily, there are numerous tools that can help you get them back. Among these tools include AdRoll, Perfect Audience, ReTargeter, and PixelMe. Technically, these tools work by following the user around the internet. They utilize a string of code known as a pixel. It is placed on browsers of every visitor and follows their every activity over the internet.

If you browse websites on the internet, you might notice that a product you were looking at site A might appear where you are browsing on site B. It is actually the retargeting pixel doing its work. It follows your visitors across the internet and displays the relevant adds to them. As a result, you get a second chance to convert them into potential leads.

All you need to do is spend a little time and money on the required technicians and there is no doubt you will see an increase in leads.

In-text CTAs

Studies reveal that the majority of internet users only go through 60% of a website. Besides, around 10% don’t scroll at all. The best way to convert leads on such leads is to incorporate an in-text CTA. Although the hello part at the top of the page might solve the problem, banner blindness is the way to go. An in-text call-to-action can be either a direct or indirect part of CTA on your post. Ensure you include 1 or 2 links in the first 60% of your blog post.

Also known as anchor text CTAs, they are capable of generating up to 93% of the leads compared to end-of-post banners. It is possible for users to click on the internal links call-to-action mainly because they are part of the blog post itself. All they’ll need to do is click and they will be redirected to your desired landing page where they can either download or subscribe.

Updated or exclusive content in exchange for contact details

This is yet another tactic that has proved to be quite beneficial. You can incorporate additional information either in or at the end of your post. It can be in the form of a blueprint for readers to input what they have learned, a checklist, or a template. Apart from that, you can also choose to add a registration box where they can make a booking on an upcoming webinar or a free online course that will help better their skills. For instance, you can create a post about lead generation and place a sidebar to apply for a course beside it.

Design your content to be more persuasive

The majority of online users tend to be cynical and a bit reluctant when it comes to giving out your details online. For this reason, you have to ensure your persuasive skills are unbeatable. There are several materials online that provide knowledge on how to go about convincing potential customers. Ensure you do your research first then focus on persuading your customers through the material. Below are some of the key principals that significantly work on helping you design persuasive content.


Technically, the human brain is hardwired to remain consistent in our actions. For this reason, you can utilize this knowledge to provide links such as clicking on related posts. If they agree to commit themselves to such tasks, perhaps they might also be interested to take on large tasks such as filling in their names and details.

Be friendly

Customers are more likely to purchase from someone they trust, find agreeable, or likable. Ensure you maintain a positive attitude, entertaining, helpful, engaging, and relatable in your posts. You will be surprised by the number of leads you can get by simply being friendly.

Place a limited time period on your offers

The majority of individuals want what they believe is scarce or exclusive. You can use this technique to place your offers on limited time periods. For instance, Amazon uses the “low stock” display on their items and watch the number of conversions skyrocket. Even so, do not overuse this strategy. Your customers might start feeling overused, manipulated, or lied to if you do it over and over.

Provide social proof

Sometimes, proof might be the only thing stopping your customers from buying your product or services. Ensure you provide screenshots as testimonials. You can also demonstrate that the majority of your social followers already trust your brand. You will be surprised by how easy it will be easy to convince them to purchase your products or services.

Be authoritative

We are designed to instinctively truss an authority figure such as a teacher, doctor, or a police office. You can command respect in your niche by including links to guest posts on authority sites such as speaking at events and conferences.

What next?

Now that you know what to integrate into your website to come up with exceptional content, your next option should be to use the knowledge to achieve success. Note that over promoting your product or services might be a turn off to your potential customers. Additionally, while creating your post, try to break it up with headers, bulleted points, and plenty of subheaders.


Like any other form of advertising, it is possible to achieve success when done right. Put the above tips into consideration when creating content for your website and there is no doubt your success will be inevitable. Alternatively, you can contact us to help you get ahead of the competition with our unbeatable content.

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