how to create a blog

How to create a Blog

How to create a Blog Website in one Month?

A WordPress blogging site is not a web page like any other typical website. It is a free blog, which is offered to you to express yourself through blog posts. But it does not only serve to shout “youhou, I exist! In the face of the world! Creating a blog would require you to choose a blog name that suits your type of business. Let’s begin by choosing a WordPress theme for starting your blog. We will be guiding you on how you create your blog platform right now and how to choose a web host for your site. People love to start blogs and share all the posts on social media platforms to get more engagement on the posts.

How to create a blog

How to create a blog to prove that you exist

This support is essential to support a professional website, even when its main purpose is to present an online store. Blog posts are super effective when it comes to advertising yourself on social media platforms.
Each new article posted reminds the search engines that you exist and gives them a little more desire to reference you. There is nothing more efficient to go up the rankings (provided that the articles are of quality, but we will come back to it later). Each one of them also proves to your customers that you are active and this aspect, in our time, is more than very important!

There is nothing worse than a “showcase” site, which simply displays your details and the same presentation of your services for 5 years. This is not how you will want strangers to contact you and Google to reference you.

communication strategy

Create a blog, as a central part of your communication strategy

Better yet, open your blog is to integrate into a real communication strategy on social networks, with your contact database with emailing, and to go back in the search engines. The blog is a fabulous tool to generate business, word of mouth, and give credibility to your business.

Each update gives you the opportunity to share it in your newsletter, on your Facebook page, on Twitter, or on Pinterest (as many spaces where you could win to be present if you have not already done so). Especially if your articles are so interesting that others share them in turn, talking about you for you!

When others start to share your articles, the search engines notice it and will make you go back to the search results.

Create a blog to stay “top of mind” in the minds of your customers

To enjoy the full potential of this space, you will need to keep it regularly updated. It can be sometimes wearisome, we will not lie to you, especially if you have not prepared well. But you will be able to reach both your regular customers, who are already subscribed to your newsletter and find there another way to take an interest in you, than those who do not know you yet. They will discover you thanks to him!

This regularity will allow you to keep in mind your contacts and prospects who will think more often to prescribe you or come back more often to buy from you directly.

We do not insist that creating a blog is easy and free. Especially not in the case of a company. By cons, all studies are formal: it is an act that can pay you big.

what you need to know before starting a blog

What you need to know before you start

Work on your positioning so that your blog is aimed at just

It’s time to position yourself as a professional. That is to say, you will not create your blog to present your holiday memories (unless you work in tourism eventually …).

It is crucial that your blog is relevant to your business. Better yet, it must match your positioning. This means that if the people you have decided to target for your communication strategy are urban singles, you will not write your articles as if you were talking to a mother of a large family! You have chosen a niche for your brand, for your marketing positioning: never lose sight of it!

Because a blog is also a marketing tool. He must express what makes your difference, the personality of your company. If you are neutral, you are trying to talk to everyone, you are dispersing, you will not hold anyone’s interest in the end.

Register your blog in your strategy for maximum impact

Do not forget to really integrate your blog into your communication plan: it would be a shame to devote as much energy to writing for your blog, but your articles are not read because no one knows that they exist. This can be an opportunity to establish a real digital strategy, thanks to your social networks, of course, but perhaps also by offering exchanges with personalities that have a relationship with your products.

what should be published on the blog

How to decide what you will publish on your blog?


Define your editorial charter
The step that follows directly the creation of a blog is its animation. That is to say, the publication of regular articles, which therefore correspond to an identity of your own. Rest assured: you have the right to work as a team on your blog. And even to delegate the writing of articles (of all or only some).

But you need consistency, tone, content, and presentation. And all this can be notified in a very useful document to share: an editorial charter. This is where you will write, in black and white, everything that you have decided, namely: who are you talking to in what way.

It is quite possible that, over time, you feel the need to complete your editorial charter. To indicate that you want two horizontal images per article, an expert quote, an external link, that you want to touch more specifically such age range. Like any good tool, you will need to adapt it to your needs, perhaps even by performing tests and checking the techniques that give or do not result in communication.

Because a strategy, even editorial, must always be able to measure and qualify with specific objectives: do you want your blog to serve directly to sell your products, to inform more generally, to entertain? This is also what you will have to decide.

• Set your publication frequency on your blog

Plan from the start the frequency of publication you will adopt: your regularity will retain your readers. Even on the internet, people like to have appointments at fixed intervals.
There is no frequency schedule that corresponds to all the activities: you will have to find the right balance between your capacities of production of text, the contents to be decided … and the number of times per month where you want to remind the search engines that you exist.
Feel free to study the blogs of your competitors, to examine their own frequency. It can be a guide to guide you. Anyway, below one article a month, your blog will be almost considered non-existent. So plan as soon as it’s created the time slots that you devote to writing it.

Choosing the perfect platform for your blog

• Hosting and domain name of a blog

A blog, like a website, must be hosted. There are blog posts dedicated to them, but they are not always practical when they have to be linked to a professional activity.

In any case, it is essential to have your blog and your site on the same domain. The blog becomes part of the website. The best site to create a blog is still yours. For the sake of consistency, and to stay more convenient to find, the best is to stay on the same domain, with addresses like or

• Software to create a blog

You NEVER want to create your blog of 0. There are CMS tools (which are used for content management) that both manage all aspects of a site including the blog. This is the case for those who decide to create a blog with WordPress for example. This software was originally a platform to create blogs from elsewhere and can do a lot of things today like e-commerce.

If it is the best known, WordPress is far from the only existing support. Jimdo for example is a very simple and intuitive solution that our customers love to use and very often prefer WordPress. Tumblr can also be a good solution if your site editor does not create a blog and you do not want to change now.

Take time to study the specifics of each one, and first of all the one you are currently using, before selecting the one that really fits your needs. Because it can be very frustrating to constantly create and recreate your blog because it is not useful enough for you. The more you have control over your site creation software, the more you can take advantage of it.

Do not forget that you are not only looking for writing texts but also for being well referenced: to achieve this, you have to think about the tags, the metadata, the types of data included … And that is true whatever your level of computer skills: a platform, a software, that allows you to modify in a simple way what needs to be can really change your life! Rest assured if you are a pure neophyte in the creation of blogs: the first steps with a platform can be very easy to follow.

• Free software to create a blog

The only really free solution is to create a blog on Tumblr for example and pass it on a subdomain of your site. This implies that you already have a domain name. If you do not have a domain, the cost of the blog will be at least 6 € / year (the price of a .fr).

Create a blog without having its own domain but a domain like is free, but this solution is only suitable for a personal blog, a travel blog but not a pro blog for communication reasons, serious, and SEO.

Then, if my example with Tumblr is very cheap. You stay on your own. With a solution like Jimdo that costs less than 80 € / year, you will have access to their support team and will have no technical problems to connect your domain.





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