Scale up your Hong Kong business by investing in the best SEO services.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising website for search engines and customers to improve search ranking, increase quantity and quality of traffic through organic search engine results.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services include:

Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Link Building that includes Targeted Keyword Research.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is part of the broad Hong Kong SEO campaign and the main goal is to help your site get listed in the search engine results page for the target keywords. It involves extensive keyword research and link building – both help optimise on-site content thereby increasing your website ranking.

Our SEO results are natural organic results. We achieve this by applying Google’s recommended White Hat SEO strategies that deliver positive and better long-term outcome than paid search results. Let us help you scale up your Hong Kong business by applying tested and approved Organic SEO practices.

On-Page SEO

Every page on your website needs to be expertly optimised to boost the overall performance of the site in search engines. This mainly entails creating content that resonates with the target audience and is optimised. Our team will improve your onpage content based on extensive keyword research results and website audit. Once complete, you will start seeing a sharp increase in traffic and conversion rate. Here is a comprehensive Hong Kong SEO guide.


The best Hong Kong Search Engine Optimisation Services is the secret ingredient your business needs to succeed. We, SEO HERO, use unique White Hat SEO strategies to crank up your website’s ranking in search engine results page. We also go an extra mile to carry out a full SEO keyword ranking analysis to better optimise your on-site content. Link Building is another important aspect of SEO in Hong Kong. We will help you create a healthy link building profile for your business. Note that backlink is one of the strongest factors that Google and other search engines use to rank websites.

The success of your Hong Kong business and online marketing campaign is dependent on SEO. At SEO HERO, our main goal is to help you win and will not stop until that is achieved. Our SEO package is affordable and can be customised to suit your business needs and preferences. We apply strategic webmaster guidelines and follow all the latest algorithm updates to help your business stay ahead of the curve. Our experts are extensively trained on the latest SEO guidelines of all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Leave all your Hong Kong SEO needs to the experts.



How can Search optimisation be effective?

In a nutshell search engine optimisation is based on extensive keyword research. This research helps to identify keywords that the target audience use to search for information related to your industry and business. One of the best free tools for keyword research in Hong Kong is Google Console. It gives you a clear picture of the widely used keywords and their search volume.

Meta descriptions and meta tags are also critical in Hong Kong SEO as they tell Google bots what the page is all about. Searchers also use the meta description displayed in SERP just under the result to decide whether to click on it or move to the next. Finally, we have to start building links from high authority websites that enjoy high traffic and are ranked well.


How Does SEO HERO do SEO?


SEO HERO #1 helps clients become the most successful. Our content strategy and search engine optimisation differ from any other SEO firm. We are committed to campaign planning and delivering the best results. 

We start with keyword research focusing on higher volume keywords. Through data, we target the most valuable keywords that would increase exposure to the search engine. We go through the process of scanning the whole website and define what content is needed and what is not. Another thing we go through is the focus of keyword density used on each page.



Organic Traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

Keyword Research / Strategy

One of the most critical SEO fundamental is to target organic search keywords with higher search volume. You can leave this to our team to determine the best strategy for all your link building activities to increase your search engine organic traffic that converts into sales.

Activity Reports

At SEO HERO, we continuously carry our website audit to help you understand its performance and effectiveness of the SEO strategies we implement. We will also provide a complete traffic data and highest keyword referral analysis. The reports are comprehensive and will give you a clear picture of your site performance and search engine activities. We are also keen on reducing your website bounce rate.

Local Search Engine Optimization

If you run a business locally in Hong Kong, you need location-specific traffic to your website particularly from the areas that you operate in. Our Local Search Engine Optimisation service will boost your site’s local rankings and help you connect with the local target clientele. This will help your business stay ahead of the curve by ranking on the 1st page of Google for the local target keywords.