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4 Keys to Successful Email Marketing & SEO

Successful Email marketing & SEO Tips

In the modern business landscape, the internet is the future and there’s nothing out there that’s going to beat it. Any business that does not have an online presence or has not invested in internet digital marketing and SEO is headed towards doom. With more than 3.62 billion internet users from around the globe, business owners must strive to build a strong online presence that will help them thrive.

With cut-throat competition taking place in the market these days, having an excellent strategy for marketing to make your business successful as well as remain head and shoulders above others will be to try email marketing. This channel has plentiful perks of which the most vital is it will boost up traffic and also sales. In short, this can actually create wonders to market your business owing to its incredible reach. Email marketing will help to persuade your prospects in taking action should you have compelling email content.

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Successful Email Marketing & SEO


Email Marketing and Some Vital Statistics

Take a look at some vital statistics which will make you curious regarding the perks of Email Marketing, as per a study it has been discovered that worldwide e-mail users by 2021 are likely to go up to 3.9 billion. 

  • Each customer holds 1.8 accounts on an average per user. 
  • Email campaigns that are segmented possess a more open rate of about 14.32% compared to email campaigns that are non-segmented. 
  • Every $1 invested in email marketing will help you get about $38 ROI.


email marketing with vital statistics

Email marketing according to 80% professional will help in both customer acquisition and retention. More than 60% of customers wish to get promotional emails from organizations. Customers that get notifications on the abandoned cart will complete purchases 2.4 times.

Successful Email Marketing Defined

Simply put this is a marketing channel that is direct where electronic mails will be used as a platform to communicate with the audience via sending commercial content. It is basically a system where an email will be sent to current and potential clients to increase sales. Emails will help in creating a relationship with customers directly. Besides, it will aid a business in keeping the customers informed regarding promotions, deals, and the latest products via personalized messages. If you wish to reap the perks of email marketing, contact Determined Solutions SEOEmail marketing mainly comprise of the following,

  • Send emails to current and prospective clients for creating a bond with them to ensure repeated business and customer loyalty.
  • Send emails to clients to provide information concerning a product as well as persuading them in purchasing the same.
  • Advertise the business

Ways to Scale Your Business with Email Marketing

Marketers these days need to reach maximum prospective clients in a minimum budget. Besides they require making with the audience a personalized connection and what better way to do this than using emails. A marketer has to reach the key audiences using a highly targeted approach via sending content that will pique the audience’s interest to motivate them in purchasing the product. Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool for engaging your target audience, growing your business, and fostering with audiences a meaningful relationship and all this due to the following,

ways of scaling your business

Wider Reach- The total number of email users is much more compared to other forms of social media platforms. An email address is needed for signing an account on Facebook or Twitter. Besides if you wish in creating an account be it on any website an email address is a must. In short email acts as a web’s lifeline and a minimum of a single active email address is a must for being online. This shows how an email possesses a wider reach.

Deliver the Message- There cannot be a better means of delivering a message to the audience than using an email. 90% of emails are directly delivered to the inbox of the recipient. Also, through an email targeted messages can be sent to the audience for which he/she has subscribed which cannot be done via social media.

Drive Conversions- A key aim of a marketer will be in converting a lead into a prospective client into a paying client. In order to do so, email marketing has a couple of perks. When you compare the click-through rates of email and Tweet the former is always higher. The best part is the results of your efforts made on email marketing can be measured easily. It can also be integrated with your CRM.

Higher ROI- Amid all other marketing strategies it is an email that is the most affordable and will also help you enjoy maximum ROI. This is because compared to all social media channels, emails will provide you with the chance of sending users messages that are personalized and highly targeted.

Preferred Communication Medium- With regards to professionalism, it is an email that is the most preferred communication medium than all social media platforms.

Offers an Open Platform- It is an email that acts as an open communication platform and here the access or visibility to the information will not be controlled via anyone.

Here to Stay- Email marketing is here to stay and will not go anywhere soon. This means there is minimal risk that all the efforts and time you have invested to create the email will never go in vain.

Having a strong web presence is the ultimate need for a brand no matter whether it deals with an e-commerce business or the online face of a business house. With good exposure on the Internet, not only you can boost your sales and overall revenue, but you can also captivate the attention of your target audience on the two biggest days of the year that mark the seasonal holiday sales – Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

According to a survey, it was reported that around 99 million customers made online purchases in the year 2015 while the numbers rose in 2016 with a net total of 108 million online buys. With an early arrival in the holiday season, Black Friday is accounted for as the official launch of e-commerce marketing and seasonal content publishing.

So, are you ready to invest in email marketing, and let’s learn now about SEO?

what does a good SEO expert do?

What you have to do as a Good SEO expert?

If you own a site, you appreciate the importance of a high ranking in the search engine results pages (SERP). While millions of sites are being indexed daily, Google says that only 52% is generating revenue. This means that, despite investing a lot of money, you can only work if you invest in search engine optimization (SEO).

It is important to appreciate the volatility of the internet market to take advantage of the increased reach of your site. A strong SEO strategy helps improve the conversion of your site, increasing your ranking in SERP for segmented keywords. This is where the services of an SEO specialist are useful.

While everyone agrees with the importance of the search engine, there is still much debate about how an SEO can help you get an increase in ranking. Over the years, the role of an SEO specialist continues to evolve and it is important that the site owner enjoy what you expect from your SEO specialist. See some of the tasks your SEO will do behind the scenes to improve the ranking of your site:

1. Site review

Before starting an SEO project, it is important to start with a site audit that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Your SEO strategy starts with a website review that involves evaluating the architecture, the page structures, and all the other components to identify areas that require work.

2. Keyword search

The keywords chosen determine the level of classification of your page. They are used by search engines when indexing pages on your site. As such, it is important to search for keywords and identify the most valuable ones for your content. Current trends in the Google algorithm must also be identified to ensure that the best keywords are selected. For example, long-tail keywords are getting higher in SERPs, since Internet users are looking for the most relevant content. SEO experts are useful to make sure that you conduct thorough research on your keywords.

3. Content management

An SEO expert helps develop new content for your pages. These experts understand the type of content that your target audience would love to attract traffic and increase the ranking of your site in SERPs. They understand how to integrate key phrases naturally to avoid the penalties of the search engines. They also appreciate the need for regular updates of their content; add keywords to headers and metatags among other services.

4. SEO Budget Management

Before starting an SEO project, it is important to agree with the structure of the fees. There are different payment structures and you should agree with what is most flexible for your business. All elements of the SEO project should be included in the contract. Your SEO specialist will help you manage your budget and set priorities to save on costs. Your SEO strategist will help track your budget throughout the SEO project.

5. Site maintenance

The continuous maintenance of the site is one of the most important tasks performed by your SEO specialist. This is a background task that helps improve errors, monitor speed, eliminate broken links and detect any suspicious activity that may affect the access of your site to the SERP. You are sure that your site will never be inactive, which reduces the rejection rates on your landing pages.

6. Local SEO campaigns

The local survey is one of the best techniques to improve conversion rates. According to Google, most buying decisions start in the search engines. If your company is not visible in the local search, you are missing a great opportunity. SEO experts appreciate the importance of local research and help increase local and regional quotes for your brand. The higher you are mentioned by your brand in the local survey, the higher the conversion rate.

7. Online competitive analysis

How competitive is your business site? An SEO specialist helps you to follow the ranking of your site using different online tools. They also check their competence and examine what keywords they are using to classify. This information helps you achieve a competitive advantage. Reverse engineering of your competitors’ sites helps provide information that can boost your SEO strategy.

There are many other tasks that your SEO expert will perform and all of them are aimed at improving the recruitment of your site. These experts have the knowledge and resources to improve the classification of the site on Google rankings.

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