7 SEO Secrets Google Doesn’t Want you to Know

7 SEO Secrets Google Doesn’t Want you to Know

What are the 7 SEO Secrets Google Doesn’t Want you to KnowTimeless Top Secret

What is SEO?

SEO refers to search engine optimisation or the process of optimising a site to make it easily discoverable and interpretable by search engines such as Google and Bing.

Over the years, Google has caught a majority of SEO experts by surprise when they introduce new SEO guidelines and change algorithms. From a business perspective, it is imperative to make sure that you stay abreast of these changes to prevent your site’s ranking from dropping.

This is not always easy to achieve due to the many SEO factors that are put into consideration by Google and other search engines. No need to panic, though, reputable SEO firm SEO HERO is here to meet all your SEO needs. The team will work round the clock and leave no stone unturned to make sure that your site is always ahead of the curve.

Here is an infographic of the top 3 SEO ranking factors you should never ignore.

SEO 101: 3 Top Local SEO Ranking Factors in 2018 | Video marketing ...

That said, there are many SEO secrets that Google carefully guard, and today we are going to reveal them to you.

Secret 1# Meta Tags and Description are Not so Important, but Can Still Help

Back in 2000, everyone was keen on writing the best meta description and including the right meta tags for every page and post published. Meta keywords and meta descriptions were the search engine goal as they would (and still do) tell search engines what a particular website or page is all about.

By doing so, they boost the rankings of pages that are more relevant to the search query. Companies and digital marketers realised their potent power, and this resulted in keyword stuffing. Crummy sites would rank on top of legit sites by adding many keywords in the meta description.

But not for long, in 2009, Google caught wind of this black hat strategy and announced that it would no longer rely on meta descriptions and meta tags. This means that nothing you put in these two sections will better your search rankings.

However, that does not mean that meta descriptions and meta tags are useless. When potential customers are looking for information in search engines, they skim through the meta description to determine if the site matches their intent before clicking. If the meta description is not well written or relevant, they will move to your competitors’ sites.

The point we are putting across is that even though the inclusion of keywords in the meta description will not affect ranking, they will be bolded if they are displayed, and this is a plus for you as your site will stand out from the crowd.

Search results (SERPS)

Secret 2# Links are Important, But Powerful Links are More Crucial

Link building is one of the essential facets of any SEO strategy. Businesses invest thousands of dollars on backlinks. Though necessary, what Google does not want you to know is that not all links have the same effect on your site ranking. The real trick to improving search rankings is by getting POWERFUL links.

For example, if you spend the whole week getting 100 links to your online store from sites that are not considered an authority, you will have made positive SEO strides. But, if you get just one or two links from an authoritative site that is regarded as an authority such as The Huffington Post or Forbes, you will get one heck of a boost.

So, when it comes to creating a backlinking profile, focus on quality, not quantity.

Continue to work on getting as many quality links from powerful sites instead of leveraging every linking opportunity that presents itself. Google will notice the healthy way you are creating the backlink profile for your website and reward you accordingly.

Use Open Explorer to know where your competitors are getting high DA links.

Open Site Explorer

Secret 3# Pay More Attention to Usability

The first thing to note under usability is that technology is an essential facet of the user experience equation. Apart from providing your target customers with helpful information that is relevant to them, you need to make sure that your site is smooth. More importantly, make sure it’s mobile-friendly, and the pages load fast.

Google recently announced than more than half of searches are now done using mobile devices. This statistic and the recent Mobilegeddon algorithm update clearly show that this search engine will put more emphasis on mobile business websites in the coming years.

Leverage tools such as Website Auditor to identify technical flaws in your website. SEO HERO team can also do a more comprehensive website audit, make and implement recommendations on your behalf.

Secret 4: Stop Ignoring Long-Tail Keywords

With the rise of voice search, you cannot afford to just concentrate on the short-tail keywords. Search engine experiences are also becoming more personalised. For your business to get ahead of the competition, you need to focus on location-based keywords as well as long-tail keywords.

The two types of keywords will help customers to find your company based on the specific service that you offer, thereby reducing bounce rate. Ranking for vague terms such as “Texas Doctor” will crank up your ego, but in a real sense, you will be competing with hundreds of other doctors in Texas. Instead of optimising your content using such keywords, use a long-tail keyword that is location-based such as “Texas Orthopedic Surgeon” to get more qualified leads.

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Secret 5: Keep Content Fresh

Content is King, and in the current competitive digital landscape, you cannot afford to have stale content on your site. When the modern searcher conducts research, he or she wants up-to-date information that is accurate and directly related to their query.

The only way to meet this requirement is by updating content regularly. Nowadays, recency is becoming an important ranking factor, and for a good reason – the audience does not want to waste time reading outdated content.

Secret 6: Build Relationships

Link building is a strong ranking factor, and that’s why SEO experts focus so much time on building links for clients. Even as you go about searching for links, it is crucial to also focus on establishing a relationship with the people. The best and most effective way to build links is by forging a connection and offering value to the influencers and bloggers in your industry.

SEO SpyGlass is one of the tools that you can use to see who is linking to your site. You can also use the report to identify potential patterns. All this information will help you to know which type of content you should be churning out.

Run a backlinking report using seo spyglass for any site of your ...

Secret 7: Stop Overthinking

SEO’S ambiguous territory is one of the main challenges, but, you should not allow the uncertainty hinder you from trying new strategies. It should not get the best out of you. Keep in mind that almost every online marketer or online business owner is facing the same challenges.

Trying to figure our SEO hidden secrets with no direction or focus will not yield many results. Consult the professionals instead and focus on providing the best possible user experience to your customers. Make sure that the content is directly in line with the search intent to reduce bounce rate and increase the amount of time that they spend on your website. Remember, the more they stay on your site, the more chances you will have to convince them to buy from you.

Understand your customers demographic and social profile to write the best content. If you have a clear understanding of the customers, you will know their needs and questions that you need to address when creating content.

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Closing Remarks

These are the top 7 SEO secrets that you should keep in mind and apply if you want to get more qualified leads and traffic. Don’t do it yourself, hire a professional SEO firm, SEO HERO, to do it for you. We have years of experience in SEO and PPC so, rest assured that you will get utmost value for money. We look forward to helping you win.

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