How to Integrate SEO

How to Integrate SEO With Other Online Marketing Campaigns

Having a well-structured search engine optimisation strategy is definitely a critical factor in driving traffic to your business website. SEO HERO can help you create a robust SEO strategy for your brand and monitor it consistently to ensure that each strategy delivers the expected results.

However, for a fully optimised online marketing campaign, there is a need to integrate SEO with other online marketing strategies. The most successful brands actually integrate SEO even in their offline channels. Below is a picture of how a fully integrated marketing strategy should work by Smart Insights.

how to integrate SEO

SEO needs to be part of your overall online marketing strategy if you want to achieve quality and long-lasting results. Ideally, SEO should focus on connecting with your target customers through search engines and answering their questions. Connecting with them and providing the information that they are looking for will maximise conversion rate and ensure synergy between all your online marketing efforts.

SEO strategies such as landing pages design, site structure, backlinks, competitive keyword research, and on-page optimisation generate more results when combined with PPC and social media marketing campaigns. They help get more results across multiple channels and optimise individual marketing tasks.

Today, we will discuss how to integrate SEO with other online marketing campaigns successfully.

Find Better Keywords Using AdWords

A recent report made public by Google indicates that 15% of all searches are new. This statistic poses a challenge to online businesses as it is almost impossible to know if the new keywords have enough buyer intent backing. Therefore, we are in a dilemma on how to optimise content for these keywords.

It is more or less a hit and miss game to create stellar in-depth content that is optimised for those keywords. Luckily, PPC has been proven to be very effective in solving this problem.

Use AdWords to find better keywords


How do you use PPC to target the new search terms?

Just set up a Hong Kong PPC campaign targeting the new search terms/keyword and try to mock up several pages on your website to convert that traffic. If the conversion rate is good, proceed to the next step, which is to create quality content that you can use to improve organic rankings.

Measure Performance Using Paid Social Ads

Go an extra mile and use paid social ads to evaluate and measure the performance. These includes:

  • Sponsored tweets
  • Instagram ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook retargeting

Here is an example of a sponsored tweet.

Use paid social ads to measure your performance



Smart Insights promoted this tweet to achieve two primary goals:

  1. To test headline ideas.
  2. To know which demographic group responded to the tweet or resonate the most with it.

The first objective helped to create suitable tiles that can drive clicks for posts while the second objective was meant to help find and create a persona for audiences that loved such comparison. The language used in each was tweaked to match the persona.

Carry Our Split Tests with Social Media Platforms and AdWords

Here at SEO HERO, we strongly believe in the robust capability of SEO to drive consistent traffic to a website. However, we have noticed a problem with virtually all the e-commerce clients we have worked within the past. Some of the pages just do not convert. They do not achieve the expected results or goals, and this is a problem, especially to an online store that has a limited budget.

The sad thing is that you only realise that some of the pages are not converting after spending hours optimising them to rank. We resolved this issue by using AdWords and social media to split test pages and content.

What is a split test?

A split test is a digital marketing strategy that involves testing two elements of the campaign against each other to determine which one has the potential to deliver the most results. One of the benefits of carrying out this test is that it gives one the confidence that the posts and ads are reaching the target audience, in the right place, and at the right cost.

The beauty of online marketing is that no element cannot be tested from landing pages, to blog posts, and images. Once you are sure that a particular page will convert well and conversion optimisation using paid social media traffic and Google AdWords, channel all SEO and link building efforts to rank it.

A Facebook split test supports different marketing objectives such as direct conversions, lead generation, app installs, traffic, and even video views. The Facebook team advises marketers to run 4-day tests to get the most accurate and reliable results. So, if you are not sure the ideal time frame to run a split test on this platform, start with four days.


split testing with AdWords or Social Media Platforms


For the best results, make sure that you are not using the same audience for any other campaign you are running at the same time.

Facebook and Google Remarketing

The main objective of remarketing is to reconnect with potential customers who previously visited your website.

By combing your SEO efforts with remarketing, you can succeed in fine-tuning the “pushes” that motivate the target customer to complete the purchase. The effectiveness of the pushes varies based on pricing level and niches. Here are a few examples.

  1. Case studies for B2B businesses
  2. Discounts and offers
  3. Product video description to give customers a clear understanding of the product

Push 1 is effective in getting potential customers to make the buying decision for SaaS product or service.

Push 2 and 3 work well with e-commerce stores where customers do not convert the first time they land on the website.

It is possible to run remarketing campaigns on both Facebook and AdWords. One of the highlights of remarketing campaigns in AdWords is that they provide access to potential customers through the hugely successful AdSense network.

Google and Facebook remarketing


In particular, Facebook remarketing is tailored to help businesses target users who previously visited their Facebook business pages or interacted with the ads. Most experts prefer Facebook remarketing to Google remarketing because the audience retargeting capabilities are more granular and the type of ads you can show to users who abandon carts is more diverse.

Complement Your Organic Listings by Binding for Branded Keywords

Sure, it is possible to organically rank at the top for your brand’s keyword, but you also need to advertise and bid for brand keywords and related keywords to boost your search engine rankings. According to research done by Search Engine Land, 50% of clicks that online marketers get on their ads are not replaced by organic search results when the ads are not displayed.


ad clicks vary


Bidding for these keywords is a great marketing strategy that will increase the quality of your AdWords account and crank up the conversion rate.

According to the renowned digital marketer Larry Kim, you should set aside at least 15% of your budget for your brand keywords.

Improve Both PPC and SEO by Leverage Internal Search Function Data

If you notice a huge number of your website visitors using the site’s search function, that is a red flag that you need to improve your navigation. This improvement will consequently help to boost your PPC campaign and SEO strategy.


site search


Site search data will help you to know the EXACT PHRASES that website visitors use to find products and services. They will probably use the same terms on search engines.

Filter the data to find high converting keywords then bid for them in your PPC campaign. Even go ahead and target them in your SEO efforts.


search volume



Effective SEO Tips

In this infographic, we can get some insights into some effective SEO tips.

most effective SEO tips

Closing Remarks

Integrating SEO with other online marketing campaigns is the surest way of scaling up your online business. SEO HERO is here to help you achieve that goal by offering you brand unwavering attention until the set goals are achieved. Get in touch with us for more information about the SEO and Digital Marketing services that we offer.

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