Flood Your Site with Leads By Investing in Stellar Content

Let’s face it- regardless of the type of business you own, you will get better results while operating online. Even, the majority of companies and organizations do not know the benefits of investing in digital marketing and stellar content for their website.

One of the main goals for creating a content marketing strategy is to generate leads, which can be converted to sales. Statistics reveal that companies with an active blog generate 97 percent more leads than companies without content. Notably, content marketing is a two-way street.

Typically, both the company and the reader should benefit. It is possible to educate your readers by providing them with the content of value. In doing so, they are more likely to gain interest in your business and probably purchase your product.

What is stellar content?

Before we get into detail, let us first find out what stellar content means in the digital world. It is a marketing strategy that is specially designed in the creation of compelling content for companies and big brands. The content can either be a blog post, a presentation, or an article on your business’s website.

How to create stellar content your audience will love

There are several reasons why content will always be king. The content you provide to your content has the power to make or break your company. Your content should be so awesome that your audience cannot help but bookmark it, share it, or repin it. Even so, creating good stellar content isn’t a walk in the park either. Several factors should be put into consideration.

Here is an insight into standbys that will help you create amazing stellar content your audience will love:

   1. Answer all your customer questions:

Remember Marcus Sheridan? He is one of the most successful business entrepreneurs. He achieved success by incorporating the prospects of his customers in his business. Likewise, in his famous 1996 essay, Bill Gates declared that “content is key.”

You can make an excellent stellar content by integrating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. If you are very much involved in your business, there is a high chance that you might know the type of questions your readers might have about your product or services and provide answers.

    2. Keyword research

This is yet another powerful tool that significantly helps in the creation of stellar content that will prove to be irresistible. You can utilize online tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Google Keyword Planner to produce updated content that will help drive traffic to your website.

    3. Teach prospects

The fact is; the majority of individuals do online research before buying products online. Aim at creating content that educates your readers or provides a spotlight on your product. What’s more, you can use videos, photographs, and other tutorials that will help your readers understand your product better.

   4. Be resourceful

If you want your website to stand out, you should integrate resources into your content. Although it might take time, it is worth the investment. Collect information related to your product and use it as a reference where necessary. It gives the impression that your product is legit, comprehensive, or complete.

   5. Style your product

Take your product presentation to the next level by showing your prospects how to use and style the products. For instance, if you are dealing with clothes and other home products, you can help your chances envision themselves wearing or using the products. This is indeed possible if you try to put yourself in your customer’s shoes while creating the content.

Why is your content marketing strategy failing?

According to recent research, 93% of SMBs and 94% of B2Bs are using content marketing. However, even though everyone seems to be integrating CM in their businesses, it does not mean that they are doing it right. 2016 CMI report reveals that 30% of marketers believe that their organization might be ineffective because of content marketing strategies incorporated in their systems.

Undoubtedly, content marketing can sometimes prove to be daunting and frustrating, especially when you design, publish, and promote your product and still don’t get the required results. So what might be the problem? Below are some of the critical mistakes you might be affecting your business strategy.

  • You are afraid of investing in your marketing strategies

It is estimated that around 65% of companies believe that they might be spending too much money on online marketing. In reality, although CM might be costly, you get what you pay for. On average, it will cost you around $350 through traditional marketing and less than $150 while using the latest techniques.

It is also imperative for individuals to note that you cannot start throwing money anyhow and expect to be successful; you have to spend smart.

  • You do not think SEO is important

While social media marketing is becoming more and more popular, SEO is still one of the best forms of marketing. There are more than 6 billion Google searches every day. As a result, if you are doing content marketing and have a weak SEO strategy, there are high chances that no one is going to find your product.

Consider hiring the services of SEO experts such as Online Marketing Gurus to check and ensure your website is prioritized on the search engines. Currently, the competition of online presence is quite high, so do not ignore or take SEO for granted.

  • You do not promote your content

Besides creating a website and creating a good stellar content that your audience will admire, it is critical to promote your content. Indeed, what is the point of creating awesome content if you do not support it? Regardless of how great your writing skills are, it will be useless if no one reads them.

The best way to promote your content is to ask bloggers in your industry to share it on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. What’s more, do not forget about the power of emails. It is estimated that email marketing is capable of guaranteeing a return on investments of over 4,000%.

Can a stellar content plan lead to business success?

Yes, if your company has a well-thought-content-marketing plan, there is no doubt that you will experience exceptional results. Content fosters user retention. Stellar content will always keep your customers coming. They will start turning to you for information and advice on your area of expertise.

It is true to say that if you can manage to update your website with the required information, your customers will not find a reason to look anywhere else. According to research conducted by Professor David Franklyn of the University Of San Francisco School Of Law, consumers love stories. They don’t care if the content is paid for by the business or not.

As long as it adds value to them, they will always be interested. Nonetheless, it should not be slow sales driven. Ideally, your main aim should be to position yourself as a brand or company that customers can depend on for guidance.

One of the best things about the content market is that it increases visibility. As mentioned earlier, getting your content to be found by your desired customers is quite easy. You are only required to create stellar content that your audience will love then branch on to social media platforms, blogs, and other websites where your audience is active.

By integrating relevant content on each channel, you will not only be seen by your targeted audience and search engines but also drive more traffic to your website. It will prove to be quite beneficial, especially during these times when almost everyone is turning to online shopping.

Tips to marketing online with stellar content

Every industry is unique, and what works for one brand might not work for the other. Besides, the point of marketing isn’t necessarily marketing. It is to support the company’s brand, drive new membership, and increase sales as well as donations. Even so, it is possible to increase sales during the Covid-19 pandemic? Here are several quick take-home tips to help you implement your marketing efforts today:

  • Speak in terms of benefits, not features
  • Know your audience
  • Use content to provide more and more information
  • Tell your audience what to do by adding a call to action
  • If it doesn’t get their attention, it doesn’t matter

Final thoughts

Indeed, it is possible to break through the noisy digital environment with content that adds value. Spend some time to get to know your customers and show consideration to their needs, and there is no doubt you will reap positive results that will convert into sales. You can also contact us to help you design content that will flood your site with leads.

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