How an SEO Agency in Hong Kong Helps Grow Your Business

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Tips on How an SEO agency in Hong Kong Helps Grow your Business Online

Currently, Google’s SEO is an area in constant evolution. Aiming for better visibility, companies are always on the lookout for a good digital strategy, new SEO techniques and changes to Google’s algorithm to appear in the first results.

Between SEO, paid search (AdWords), local SEO, SMO … The statements are as many as varied. A non-initiate would necessarily get lost without the help of an SEO expert.

We offer you, therefore, our expertise to enlighten your lantern.

  1. Why opt for natural referencing?
  2. Why appeal to an SEO agency to optimize your SEO?

SEO, for optimized visibility on the internet

Web referencing is a very large universe that includes several web-marketing channels. In terms of sustainability, efficiency and long-term visibility, the choice of SEO is absolutely the most appropriate.

Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on a whole range of techniques to improve the positioning of your site. Its goal is to make your pages appear in the top positions of search engines in a natural way. That is, the algorithm responsible for this task finds your pages highly relevant to the user’s request outside the paid advertising system.

Content is King

The goal of SEO is certainly better positioning, but also the acquisition of traffic and the generation of more visits. It must be visible but also attractive to increase the conversion rate and then the number of potential prospects! For this, the content is obviously the king as part of a successful SEO strategy!

Optimizing editorial content also helps to build customer loyalty and build a better reputation. The writing content optimized SEO should be compared to a keyword ranking strategy.

To optimize the SEO of your site and improve the user experience of your audience, it is important to regularly check the relevance of the content. An expert web editor must then provide:

  • Useful and informative content for readers
  • Texts more interesting than those of competing sites
  • Credible content with references and relevant resources
  • A unique and qualitative text (avoid the duplicate content to avoid the Google penalty).

And to improve the quality of the content, an expert SEO starts with the technical optimization: SEO title, titles HN, Meta description, optimization of the URL, alternative attributes of the images. A detailed article good practice for good SEO writing can be helpful.

A good web content must also be adapted to its support and readable on a tablet or smartphone. Written text should be rich in transition words and sentences should be short for ease of reading.

In short, SEO is irrelevant if the content of the site is not optimized, relevant and attractive.

Netlinking: a necessary step

It is true that web editorial is essential to successfully referencing its site. Nevertheless, working on a netlinking strategy is essential to increase its visibility and consequently double its traffic. Netlinking obviously consists of having inbound links or backlinks that point to a site.

Many methods are available to adopt your netlinking strategy according to your requirements and your budgets:

  • Registration in directories
  • Exchange articles with other sites
  • Posting comments on blogs
  • Sharing pages of the site on social networks
  • Posting topics and comments on the forums

Some only opt to expand the number of inbound links. Nevertheless a successful netlinking strategy is based on quality and not quantity. It is then interesting to submit your site (s) in quality backlinks. Indeed, there are several criteria to be able to evaluate the quality of an incoming link:

  • It must be in the same theme as yours
  • It must be ranked on your keyword (s)
  • The selected backlink must come from a secure and trusted site: also have a high TRUST FLOW, DOMAIN AUTHORITY, DOMAIN RATING and URL RATING
  • Getting a “dofollow” link is always better than a “nofollow” backlink
  • It is also advisable to reconcile the number of referring domains to the number of inbound links pointing to your site

Netlinking is a practice of increasing the number of links to a particular website. The more links of quality point to your site, the more likely it is to win positions on Google.

SEO: the strategy of companies that want to become visible

SEO is not limited to keywords, content or technical optimizations! The algorithms of search engines and the reactions of Internet users are constantly evolving. In fact, SEO is not limited to the implementation of certain techniques. Some tips and tricks of the past are gradually penalized in terms of quality and good SEO practices.

Improving your ranking to acquire more skilled traffic requires time, SEO tools, know-how and developed skills. It is therefore crucial to use a reputable natural SEO agency. The latter will be able to implement SEO techniques that respect the different rules imposed by the search engines. By accompanying you in the long term, a natural SEO agency helps you achieve realistic goals.

Natural SEO Agency

The importance of going through a natural SEO agency

With the goal of increasing your site’s visibility on Google, a natural SEO agency masters SEO techniques and follows Google’s algorithm updates for you.

We strongly discourage you from taking care of your SEO website if you do not have the human, technical and organizational skills for that. In fact, Internet referencing is a profession that requires expertise and know-how in SEO as well as field experience. And therefore requires a lookout for Google search engine evolutions and search trends. Mishandling SEO could make you lose positions or even worse, for example, be penalized by a manual penalty.

It is better to entrust the visibility of your site to a natural SEO agency that values ​​your brand:

  • SEO optimization of a site requires several skills, with different job profiles (SEO, SEO developer). A web search agency has all these resources.
  • Natural referencing requires on the one hand the mastery of various free tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights). And requires another hand control other pay as Ahrefs, My ranking metrics, Yooda INSIGHT, Majestic SEO, SEMrush…
  • In the field of natural referencing, the evolutions of the search engines are in progressive continuity. Continuous monitoring by an SEO agency is essential to avoid missing SEO opportunities (zero position, AMP …).
  • Typically, SEO outsourcing is often more cost-effective and reliable than in-house management.
  • Knowledge of the target market culture is necessary. By contacting a SEO agency, you are very likely to know the market and have already worked on a project like this.
  • For optimal SEO, an SEO agency is able to meet around 200 Google recommendations.

If you have strong ambitions in terms of SEO, the use of an SEO agency is also highly recommended.

How to choose your SEO agency?

The selection of your natural SEO agency can determine if the budget allocated to your organic SEO represents an expense or an investment for your company. Searching the SEO agency will depend on certain criteria:

The reputation of the agency

With customer ratings represented by stars, Google, Facebook and many other platforms allow users to rate businesses. Then take the time to read the reviews published by the customers have, and to check if possible that they are authentic. Feel free to research the SEO agency before contacting it.

The services it offers

The SEO services offered vary from one agency to another with different conditions. Does the SEO agency require a commitment period? Does it require a minimum amount to spend? Is she already working with some of your competitors? Does it guarantee results? Exact answers to these questions and many more will allow you to assess the level of knowledge of your interlocutor. That is, to determine whether you are dealing with a salesperson or a real SEO expert?

Access to specialists who will manage your campaign

It is interesting to communicate with the people responsible for the execution of your project. And, to make sure that they have the expertise and level of expertise required to accompany you.

The reasons are numerous and are especially eloquent over time. Especially when, after the creation of a website, it becomes difficult to progress his ranking on Google. Taking the time to make the right choice of the agency that will assist you can save you enough time and money by avoiding paying for such mixed results that your site could be penalized by search engines. An expert natural SEO agency will also solve rare problems and provides ongoing advice on the web to adapt SEO to different engine developments. Between natural listing price and Google paid listing price, a professional agency helps you obviously to aim for the long term at the best cost.

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