What is White Hat SEO

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A Guide to White Hat SEO

Today we want to discuss what is white hat SEO and how does it help your business grow. White hat SEO is the most effective SEO service that generates organic traffic through targeted ranked keywords. This service required manual input by SEO experts within the website itself and externally.

What is White Hat SEO and how is it conducted?

White hat SEO cannot be done by using automated tools or softwares. These SEO procedures must be done manually, so therefor manpower is super important to achieve the best results.

Search engine optimization personnel conduct a test on the site speed making sure that the site loads fast. Google prefers sites that load very fast as users tend to leave a website if it loads slow.

website load speed

Next we would be looking at what makes the site load slower. It might be images, video, javascript, CSS or some other issues on the site. These allow us to look at the site carefully by measuring all the aspects within  the folders combined on the server.

testing site speed

Keyword Research

The primary step to successful SEO is keyword research. Knowing what is your targeted keyword is what is going to get people to find your business. Without keyword research you will be just wasting your time and energy. Spend some time looking at the most used keywords on the search engine and measure the traffic volume so that you can achieve what you want.



The white hat SEO, what is it? In contrast to the black hat SEO, this is what we could call all natural SEO methods that want to be “secure” … and even more. And even more, why? We will see it very quickly, after having specified for those who are not yet in the party what are we talking about with all these stories of hats.

What are the differences of the SEO hats?

White, Black, Gray Hat definition, details

Small aside here for novices and readers who are interested in SEO but far enough, in terms of SEO, the color of the hat began to be used a few years ago to designate the practice of the profession by the SEOs. Thus, there are several – not levels – but types of practice (s) that categorize SEO experts. To be able to position their sites on the search engines, the black hat uses techniques that are clearly borderline and declared by the search engines as being contrary to the line of conduct to be held, the white hat, they, respect to the letter the instructions issued by the search engines * and finally the gray hat, you guessed it, lie between the two, sometimes closer to the black hat, sometimes closer to white hat SEO.

White Hat SEO, for a truly sustainable SEO

As the name suggests, SEO who practices the white hat SEO is working, trying, strives, using methods that are perfectly secure for your website. So be careful, here, by secure, here we hear perennial (finally at least from the perspective of the one who manipulates, which does not mean all risk insurance vis-à-vis a malicious person who would practice on your site of negative SEO), which does not mean that it is not technical.

White hat technique: the fundamentals of SEO

Indeed, many consider that it is automatically lack of technique to practice a referencing of this kind when not at all, quite the contrary. Any good referrer must verify that the bases on which he will work are solid. If we do not take here as reference value the instructions of Google like the fact of passing its site in https, or AMP, the fact that it is valid according to the criteria of the W3C or other criteria of this kind, there is has fundamentals, which are meant to be “technical” (which does not necessarily mean complex, but which remain perfectly technical optimizations to respect, so even the best black hat SEO who tend to fascinate some people who start to be interested in the trade of reference, are above all very good white hat. Configuring txt robots, sitemap xml or htaccess file and more is an integral part of the scope of the missions of a white hat SEO.

SEO techniques white hat

We will not reveal here an exhaustive list of techniques – much less secret than those that the darker referrers use but divulge a little less – that you can find without difficulty, but here are some of the most widespread: optimization of the title tag, linkbaiting, etc.

White Hat SEO, the true definition of SEO…

As we have seen, the approach of the profession by a white hat reference is not to derogate one iota with regard to the guidelines. But that would most often tend to go further. Many white hats tend to think that the slightest breach of the rules that a referrer can do should automatically be sanctioned by search engines and that all those who venture out of the right path deserve (ray) nt gallows.

Let’s take a case that cannot be more concrete: the purchase of a link.

As you may know but in the negative you are taught, link buying is a SEO technique that is clearly contrary to the guidelines of search engines that clearly seek to make war on it. Everyone thinks what he wants (because some might quite rightly think that after all SEO is ultimately nothing more than a form of advertising, promotion that is bought in exchange for a market price), but so, the engines ban this method.

Except that if there is clearly a swarm of links that would be perfectly undetectable by any search engine that does not prevent your SEO to be sustainable, it is “forbidden”. It is here – and precisely here – that we find a real definition of the white hat SEO:

“To limit its action to what is in the guidelines, possibly all that is in the guidelines, but in any case nothing other than what is in the guidelines.

SEOs are fond of analogies and images, consider that the white hat is well embodied, righteousness personified, for fans of Tolkien who read us, the SEO who practices this type of SEO would be a little Gandalf the white of SEO.

… Or a vast humbug?

Except that here it is sometimes easy to judge when we have the opportunity to do otherwise. It is sometimes easy to limit its action to what the engines stipulate in their conventions when one has the SEO means of an overkill website, well trusteed and with seniority, and whose slightest action is enough to reveal what we want where we want in the SERPs. The reality of the field is sometimes more complex, the problems of the customer more difficult to apprehend or rather to apprehend by the engine.

And above all, especially, it is not because the white hat is washing his laundry whiter than white that his hat; that for all the references who practice the gray hat or the black hat are necessarily to catalog with the criminals of the last rank. The black hat SEO group may be true it is true some Al Capone SEO, they can also include (like the gray hat) well-intentioned black hats that are just smart (in the sense of the word) or fun like blues brothers.


If all SEO have fun with chestnut like: “who are the best SEOs? Or “is the black hat more powerful than the white hat?” “The question you have to ask yourself in the first place is not so much just knowing what color of hat you (or your SEO) should wear but the quality of the hat you have to wear. And whether it’s white, gray, or black, you’ll get a good Stetson as well as a pierced headgear if you want to look great in Google’s SERP (or whatever).

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