How to Increase Your Visibility on Social Networks?

Learn the most accurate tips on how to increase your Visibility on Social Networks

It is important if you want to build good relationships, create partnerships and opportunities for your business, and maintain an effective presence on social networks (in addition to other actions you could lead in “real life”: – ). You must show yourself constantly. However, it is not enough to just show you, you have to build a coherent presence, a real strategy.

Diversify the networks on which you are present

It’s worth remembering: do not go to a network just because everyone is there and do not avoid a network because someone told you it was bad. This choice belongs to you and should be guided by the following questions:

  • How long (what budget) I want to devote to managing my profiles?
  • Are my clients and prospects on this network?

Hyper-targeted networks are created regularly, if it is interesting for your activity, do not hesitate to take the step and to be present, it could be paying.

Increase Your Visibility on Social Networks

Adapt your content to the specificities of each network

The mistake we all make at the beginning is to put exactly the same content on all networks. It is true that it is tempting, especially with the share buttons found on blogs!

But that does not contribute to a good user experience. A user who follows you on Instagram will not have the same wait as the one who follows you on Twitter for example. Each social network has its audience defined by common socio-demographic criteria. And then the format that will work for one, will not work for the other.

The key is to adapt and adapt the format of your content to each social network. To find out what works best, take a look at what’s happening, what leaders in your industry are doing, and do some testing. If you make mistakes, it does not matter, it’s all about trying and moving forward!

Tell stories instead of trying to sell at all costs

If you use social networks solely to sell your products or services, this will have a negative impact on your image.

People love stories, they want to be surprised, learn new things, and find help. That’s what you need to do before looking to sell: share, help, tell. By revealing a little, thanks to the content you share, people will gradually get to know you and want to know you more. Then comes the moment when you can sprinkle your presence with promotional content.

Use the promotional tools of social networks

One of the most effective strategies for getting a targeted and involved audience is to set up a promotional campaign. This can be the organization of a contest or an advertising campaign.

Feel free to be creative, but take into account the particularity of social networks: sharing and exchange. The notion of going viral is also very important so that your action is shared and more widely disseminated.

Publish more educational content

Companies that use social media in their internet marketing strategy, like holding a business blog generate up to 67% more useful contacts than companies that do not have a presence on social media.

Thus, a presence on the net allows you to gain the trust of your target. To do this, you need to provide educational content that your readers will find useful to achieve their goals or solve their difficulties.

In another Hubspot study, it was pointed out that the use and distribution of educational content is a very effective strategy if you want to gain more visibility for your business and build a larger audience. Use educational content that your ideal customers will find relevant and interesting; you will extend the reach and coverage of your brand, especially if it is done on a regular basis.

Be generous

Give is more pleasant than receiving. This principle also works in the online world. By giving free content, gifts, and benefits to your community, your visibility will increase and the number of your prospects will also increase. Be careful, offering valuable content for free does not mean totally abandoning your paid products and services.

To give you an idea of ​​what you could propose: your articles, white papers, eBooks, webinars, videos, tutorials, By receiving these gifts, your target discovers the value of what you can offer and the passage from prospects to customers will be done gently.

Reply to all comments, suggestions, requests and complaints

Yes, social network users ask questions, comment, complain about profiles and when they do, they expect an answer from you and that’s normal.

On social networks the term to remember is “social”, users expect a form of interaction. Those who respond to comments and who are responsive will have an advantage over others who do not listen.

Not sure how to handle complaints or negative comments?

First, do not delete them, it will only hurt your brand image. Bring an answer that will satisfy the person who called you but also other users. Do not forget to thank your interlocutor for the time he spent on your profile.


One of the keys to increasing your visibility on social networks is listening. Thanks to this listening, you will learn more about the people who follow you:

  • What are their problems?
  • What words do they use? (This is very useful for your SEO)
  • What topics are they interested in?

This will allow you to always be in sync with your target, to provide them with highly relevant content. To help you use statistical tools offered by some social networks like Facebook statistics. The data collected will help you to optimize your presence and your marketing actions.

Social networks are a real opportunity for your business. Start slowly, one network after another, test and readjust permanently, nothing is definitive. Do not forget to vary your actions. If you manage your day-to-day presence without a real vision, you will quickly turn around and discourage yourself. Have fun! It’s more enjoyable for you and your target.


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