Is Search Engine Submission Necessary 2020?

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary 2020?

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

 Here’s A Guide on how to do it!

Search engine submission is becoming a popular topic for so many users learning about SEO. Is it vital to submit your website to the search engines? This is a question raised by so many people, and from our experience being in the SEO industry for 18 years. We believe that Google crawls billions of websites daily, and therefore, there is a possibility that your sites get indexed during the crawl.

What do I need to do before I submit my website to get indexed?

The first and primary step is to go and get yourself an account on Google. Once you’ve set up a google account, then hop to this URL.

Google webmaster tools

Click sign in, and here you will get yourself logged into the webmaster tool. It’s time that we get ready to submit our website to Google. Once logged in, you will be able to see a page that looks just like this:

webmaster tools logged in page

Most of the time, users get confused once logged in. A primary step is to create a property, and this means you have to add your website so that Google knows that you are the webmaster of that website. Well, now you are going to be asking questions about how do I do that?

Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to do that.

Let’s begin by looking at how does that page looks like. Here I have a screenshot of that page. This is the page that you will land on when you click on add property.

add property in webmaster tools

The next step would be selecting the one on the right. Please proceed by adding your URL to the tab. I’ve added a domain, and now I get this:

Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 18.45.46

You’re doing a great job. Now click on download the file and keep it on a folder or maybe you could save it onto your desktop.

Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 18.52.16

It’s about time to go to your hosting company website and log in. There are two ways that you can access the hosted folders and files within your server. There are many hosting companies out there and I assume that you have your own hosting company. Now, once you login to your account, choose Cpanel.

In the Cpanel, you will be able to find a folder that says, File Manager. Click on this folder:

file manager

I think you are doing a great job. You are just a few steps away! Here you will see all the folders and files of your website. The first page that you see is usually called the root. Now it’s time to drag and drop the file that you have downloaded from verifying ownership page. Here’s how we do it.

You have to be very careful about where you drop the downloaded HTML file. You will have to cleck on poublic_html and select the domain you want to verify. Click upload and upload the file.

Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 19.30.34
Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 19.31.17

As you can see it says Complete. Now I can go back to the account and verify the ownership of my site. Let’s explore: Voila!

Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 19.33.09
Screenshot 2020 08 28 at 19.33.32

Submitting your URL to the Google search engine

Now is the time that inputs the URL of the site and sees if Google has indexed our website URL and pages. We will type the URL for example “” in the upper tab where it says “inspect any URL”. Once you type in your URL and click search it will say receiving data from Google index. Just wait and the results will load. Here is a screenshot for your reference.

retrieving data from google

Submitting your sitemap

There is a chance that when you typed your URL in the box and clicked search the results you’ve got were. Your site isn’t indexed. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. What we have to do now is submit your sitemap on the left side of the navigation menu. You will see a menu that says sitemap. Click on it and enter your sitemap URLs.

Got a problem with the sitemap URLs??

I knew this might happen, but of course, I am here to back you up. Here is a useful sitemap generation website where you can just type in your website URL and generate all the sitemap URLs for submission. Once your sitemap is submitted, you will have to wait for a few days to see that all your website pages and index page, of course, got indexed.

I hope that I have been providing you with useful information that has solved your problem. Please help us share this with your friends and colleagues.

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