How much does SEO cost in Hong Kong?

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Search Engine Optimization can be super complex and so many business owners have questions about the price of SEO. To begin with, we must look into what type of SEO services you’re planning to get. Search Engine Optimization plans differ, because there are 3 basic types of SEO service.

The 3 Types of SEO


Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO relies on the tactic of building PBNs (Private Blog Networks) and posting unlimited content with URL links onto the site. Another black hat SEO tactic is using a software to visit your website every minute notifying Google that the site is getting traffic. This kind of generated traffic is ignored by the Google algorithms, because the algorithms are now capable of detecting such methods.

Grey Hat SEO

The technique here is when people go and start buying backlinks. There are many PBN networks available where you can go and buy a link on an existing post within the site. Some links cost only $20USD whereas others can cost up to $2000 USD.

This is a method that still works but you might not see any major improvement on keyword rankings.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is when a business is focused on their own website doing technical SEO work on the site and maintaining the content published on the site.

SEO agencies that do such organic work are busy doing technical work on the site checking the site structure. As we can see, SEO experts will be inspecting internal links within the site, external links, and the type of protocol used, as well as the response code of each page within the website.

They will also look at what type of title is used on each page, and the meta-descriptions used within each of the pages. An SEO expert will do all the technical work on the site each time a site is updated.


I know that you are still wondering about the price of SEO in Hong Kong. Unfortunately prices are not fixed for these types of services. There are SEO companies that charge $3000 HKD a month and there are companies that charge $11000 HKD a month, depending on what type of service they provide.

An SEO Expert’s Responsibility

SEO’s are mainly responsible for how to make your website more user friendly. We all know that Google is becoming stricter on how they rank websites. An SEO expert will be looking at all the factors of how to achieve the highest scores possible so as to get the site listed on the top positions of the search engine results.

google rankings

How does SEO Help a Business?

SEO is a type of marketing that is based on getting targeted keywords to rank on the first page of the search results. When we get these keywords to rank in higher positions we can then guarantee that we dominate most of the traffic generated by the search engine.

We believe that people search for your products and services on a daily basis. If you are not listed in the top positions on targeted keywords that will generate sales on your site then you aren’t going to make money. There are over 2 billion people with access to the internet and 93% of these people are using the search engine bar on a daily basis to search for products and services they need.

To help these people find your products, there is no need for any business to spend money on advertising that is worthless and not generating sales. With SEO you are 100% sure that the traffic generated is going to convert into a sale.

Therefore the only way to make this happen is by positioning yourself in the top search results in Google.

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