How to get more backlinks

How to get more backlinks

How to get more backlinks Using SEO Outreach

The most common question asked by all businesses is how to get more backlinks to our site. Getting backlinks from high-quality sites is a very difficult procedure. We know that Google algorithms are looking for every link on every page. Every time they see one website linking to another website. 

Google sees this as a vote and then give them a boost in the search engine. The many links you have gives you a chance to be ranked on the first page of google. It all depends on how many links do your competitors have. Make sure that you get as many links as you can from high-quality websites

.How to get more backlinks

How to get more backlinks and what is a high-Quality backlink?

A high-quality backlink comes from a site that has been around for a while and has many links for itself. These sites are established and have historical popularity online. Remember, It’s all about quality is better than quantity. You can always outrank your competitor by getting many backlinks. You can get more backlinks by producing informative content.

How do we get many high-quality backlinks

Getting high-quality links does not mean you have to contact yahoo or CNN to get your site linked on their site. You can just get links from sites like Facebook, Reddit or other social media sites. You will get links from sites without having to contact any webmaster from any site. You can just comment on blogs and you will be able to get links back from users as long as your comment contributes important information to the public.

Ranking highly in Google requires a lot of backlinks

Without a lot of backlinks pointing from another website to your site, it’s highly impossible to rank highly on google. No matter how many keywords research or market analysis you do, everything you do must be based on quality, number and the right link diversity of link exchange. All these links must be coming from blogs, web 2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites, social network sites and article directories. The higher you rank, the more traffic you will get and the more money you will make.

How to get a link exchange from another site?

The first thing we must begin with is search for high-quality page rank sites. You can open a new page and navigate to You can type in a keyword such as a website design. You will be given many different sites in the google search results.


You should go through the list and ask the webmaster for a link exchange. You can write an email or fill in a contact us form and ask the webmaster telling him or her that you want a link exchange. There are many link exchange text template that you can use available online.

Here is a sample email that we got from a webmaster:


My name is William, and I write mostly for I’m mostly a regular contributor at   where my blogs can be seen prominently. So to speak, I’m writing this email to you because I have some really interesting blogs and content ideas that I want to share with you and that I strongly feel will prove to be of great interest for large audience.

However, I’m sharing my topics with you that I have in mind if you’re open to new guest authors or posters. I’m sure you’ll like my content.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my email, and I’m really looking forward to working with you in the near future.


William James

It is very good to do some research and learn about where your competitors are getting their links from. Of course, this takes a bit of effort but it is worth doing. Next, You want to interact with the webmasters of these sites. These webmasters might have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media account. You must find these webmasters and contact them directly. Once you interact with them, they’ll be able to link back to your site from one of their article posts.

Some people choose to get backlinks using Controversy. This is something that we don’t suggest because it’s considered to be linkbait. Getting authentic links can be done by interacting in forums and blogs and bring something to the table. You could also participate with the users and answer questions with solutions to their problems. You can bring some value to these users and provide multiple solutions.

How do i get backlinks for my Website?

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